Going Supersonic!

Its 777-300ER

2700 celcius

I used to go supersonic all the time but now that 12 year old girl screams “overspeed” so I don’t have the guts to.

Yeah. i know right.

I wish you could mute it in settings or something

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I don’t see what you mean

He’s circling the Mach number.

I’m talking about the cockpit, I never mentioned the Mach number

Ah ok. I didn’t know what you meant by what what so you mean.

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Not loving the overspeed bug in Casual server at all.

If anything I wish it was more like the old Boeing overspeed alarm instead of the current one.

It’s not a bug

Yeah it sounds much better. I would just annoy people with it :)

Bug/Alarm are interchangeable.

Even this one is slightly less annoying but still prefer the old 757/767 overspeed horn.

I don’t think so

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