Going Supersonic!



I’ve hit M3.5 in level flight…

In a 777? I find that hard to believe.

He was doing a nose dive, and he probably didn’t even recover.

GG, you’ve break an aircraft ;)

Nah i recover this time, last time i hit 1.7 but didn’t recover and boom.

He is at -40,000 VS. at 4k feet. Took a lot of effort to level out if he did. He looses around 670ft a second. Its possible but it requires quite a bit of effort.

Not in a 777.

A different jet. And yes I’m positive it was level flight. FL800.

Fl800. Its almost impossible to climb that high.

Which aircraft is it? That looks like the 777-200 cockpit. Presumably some aircraft have the same cockpit then, I hadn’t realised.

It really isnt.

It’s a jet, lighter than the 777.

I am more “Air supersonic” than you ^^

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Infinite Flight needs concorde for mach 2,02!

Not level flight. Not supersonic. But impressive altitude!

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Condorde I would love but it is all but useless to us without global.

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That is actually imposible. The 777 cockpit is the only one that looks like that

In real life it would implode and break into pieces… Rip passengers

He has like 4.5 seconds.

I love how it has the stall warning.

Not too shabby. And yes! This is Casual server!