Going NorthEast! | @ SBGR 231500ZJUN18

“Going NorthEast! (SBGR-LSZH)”

Server: Expert
FPL: SBGR 2329S/4621W SUMRA 2324S/4558W 2314S/4552W TOPEP 2242S/4550W 2219S/4548W 2212S/4548W 2147S/4528W 2107S/4458W 2057S/4450W 2041S/4439W 2020S/4422W BHZ DEPOT 1901S/4343W 1845S/4338W 1831S/4333W 1813S/4327W QUARU RUBIC 1415S/4136W SPINO ZAMBI 1226S/4043W 1205S/4032W TROVA ADEMI BANGU 726S/3823W EDITE 550S/3739W MSS 443S/3705W 435S/3700W MAGNO 051N/3402W CRUDE OBKUT DEKON BUXON NELTO AMDOL IREDO TENPA USOTI APASO ORVEK GOMER 2935N/1622W GURKA KONBA 3309N/1350W KUBIL BEXAL LIGRA 3939N/801W TOSDI ZMR NUBLO 4329N/430W DELOG DESAB TEPRA NORMI MOKOR OLEBA BAKUL ARDOD OBATO TABOV RESMI TEPRI GELTA MELKO MANAG PILON TIRSO 4748N/643E 4742N/712E BLM ZH677 GIPOL LSZH

Additional Information: If there are any errors in the flight plan remove the waypoints trying to make you go to another place.
Cruising Altitude: 34,000ft (MSL)
Speed: 300kts
Aircraft: Swiss International Airlines MD-11 or 777
Date: June 23, 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 1500Z
Gates: Any

Q 'n A

Q-Will there be any ATC?
A- Sadly no.

Q-Who is hosting the flight?
A- Me and @Goran12.

Q-When is pushback and start?
A- 5 minutes after mentioned time. (1500Z)

Q-Can it be on casual or training server?
A- No, because on these servers pilots are not professional.

Any more questions?
Feel free to PM me!

Hope to see you there!

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Nice! Sad but in Brazil no have many ATC online.

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