Going North East in the Night - The Paris Fly-Out Event

Hello IFC I’m back and I’m here to share 10 photos (ik that’s a lot) of my flight from the huge Paris Fly-Out on Saturday night by @Emiel_l (thank you for all the hard work you put into this amazing successful event of course 👏)

So yeah that was 2 days ago but I was too busy enjoying the amazing weather (which is a very rare thing in Ireland, even in summer) in case you didn’t know lol.

And before we begin, here are the correct answers from my little quiz at the end of my last post here

The Answers

First Question
Q: How many destinations are served by FlyDubai?
A: 90

Second Question
Q: How many Russian cities are served by FlyDubai?
A: 9
(A lot of people got that wrong surprisingly hehe)

Last Question
Q: What city is FlyDubai’s longest route from Dubai?
A: Helsinki, Finland
(Most people got that right)

Congrats to those who got them right!

Oh yeah and tomorrow I’m posting photos of my flight from the San Diego Fly-Out that I took part in yesterday too!

Flight Details

Route: Paris (LFPG) 🇫🇷 to St. Petersburg (ULLI) 🇷🇺
Flight Number: AFR1664 | Callsign: Air France 1664
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Flight Time: 2 hours and 51 minutes
Cruise Alt: 35,000ft
Server: Expert

Note: All the times displayed in the photos are local, not ZULU

Holding Short Runway 27L with a huge line behind me, including a Delta A330 and many Air France and Vueling A320s.

Here are some fellow pilots I spotted behind me in the line!

@Pilot_Dave heading to Zagreb in the Croatia A319
@TwoEyes heading to Hannover in the Air Hop CRJ-700
@Pilotcamcam heading to San Francisco in that AF 777-200ER
@Devin_Stock I don’t remember the you were going sorry haha but you were in an AF A319
@Pertonics heading to Detroit in an AF 777-200ER
And @Dendenawesome_14 who was in front of me about to takeoff to Edinburgh in an AF A319

Parallel takeoff! Beside an Air France A350!

Overflying Amsterdam Schipol Airport

Cruising over northern Germany and we get views of one of the many Danish islands

As we’re beginning our descent along the coast of Latvia, to our left side here we got views of one of the Estonian islands (I still haven’t flown to Estonia to IF that’s crazy)

My first moonshot
Yes I know that the moon is supposed to be closer but this wasn’t easy lol

St. Peterburg’s two runways come into sight

Well well well where do I start with this disaster of a landing… 😂
I was literally on a perfect approach with a perfect speed.
When I was 20ft AGL I tried to idle the engines but instead of the engines idling to my surprise the camera view just slid down.
So instead of looking at the runway through the cockpit windows, my camera view was pointing down at the captain’s feet.
Obviously I didn’t have enough time to fix my camera view before my plane touched down

As you can see, I touched down with the left gear first which took me off the centreline straight away, apparently the landing V/S was -344FPM!

So here I am in St. Petersburg for my first time!

Thanks for watching, you definitely laughed at my landing didn’t you? 😂

Which picture did you like the most?

  • Picture 1 - Holding Short Runway 27L at CDG
  • Picture 2 - Takeoff from CDG
  • Picture 3 - Parallel takeoff
  • Picture 4 - Overflying Schipol Airport
  • Picture 5 - Views of Lolland Island
  • Picture 6 - Views of Saaremaara Island
  • Picture 7 - Moonshot
  • Picture 8 - Cockpit view
  • Picture 9 - Landing in LED
  • Picture 10 - Parked in LED

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Have you flown to St. Petersburg before in IF?

  • Many times!
  • A few times / once
  • Never!

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Is St. Petersburg the northernmost city with over 1 million people?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It’s not even northern!

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Which Russian airline serves the most destinations from St. Petersburg?

  • Aeroflot
  • Azimuth Airlines
  • Nordwind Airlines
  • Pobeda
  • Rossiya Airlines
  • RusLine
  • S7 Airlines
  • Smartavia
  • Ural Airlines
  • Utair

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Nice photos! Love the moonshot!


Love the photos


Thanks very much guys!

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Love the holding short picture! In total all pictures are great!

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Why do you have soooo many questions and polls in your “pictures” post? Nice pictures, but to many questions and pols for a screen shot and video post.

Stunning shots! 👍😁

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