Going For Gold | Melbourne - Coolangatta | Jetstar Airbus A321

Going For Gold | Melbourne - Coolangatta | Jetstar Airbus A321

The day has finally arrived… the day that I’m heading on holiday for the very first time since the start of the global pandemic. I just want to say a quick disclaimer before continuing on with the flight review:

COVID-19 in Australia and the spread of COVID-19 in the 
community is extremely low or non-existent in many cities
across Australia, which I am extremely grateful for and the 
reason why this holiday is possible, whilst remaining safe.

Heading To The Airport:

We left our home in Melbourne at 10AM, packed the car and headed for Terminal 4 at Melbourne airport. The drive was up was nothing too special, apart from a scenic detour upon arrival as I may or may not have listened to my stupid GPS and it gave us a bit of a detour.

We decided to bring our own car to the airport which was so much better than travelling into the city and getting on the Skybus at Southern Cross Railway Station as it was a lot quicker and efficient. I believe we would feel the full benefit of this when we head back, not having to wait for a bus or an Uber. This is also a lot safer in the current COVID-19 situation.

Arriving At The Terminal:


Picture Source: Jetstar.com

As we arrived at Terminal 4 at Melbourne Tullamarine International Airport, we headed through the glass sliding doors (which are pictured above) and headed to the self-serve check in and bag drop. We then took the escalators upstairs and headed through security which was surprising quiet, and we were through in around five minutes.

Then it was lunch time… yummy! We headed to the cafe directly across from where we exit security (can’t remember the name). My dad and I ordered a Chicken Schnitzel sandwich which was delicious and my mum order a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich which she loved as well, and all of which filled us up ready for our flight.

The Boarding Process:

The time had arrived (literally and figuratively) as it was 1:05PM and our flight was called for boarding as we were set to depart at 1:35PM. We began our short 5 minute walk through the terminal as we headed to Gate 42 which was the gate our Jetstar Airbus A321 was departing from.

We began the boarding process and scanned our boarding passes before heading out onto the apron as we climbed up the first set of stairs and were greeted by a friendly cabin crew member by the name of Taylor. She welcomed us on board our Jetstar flight and directed us to our seats which were 16A, B and C, and you can guess who shotgunned the window seat… me!

Check out the picture of our aircraft below:

Photo Source: aussieairlines.org

The Flight Experience:

Well I’ll need to ask my parents about this one because I did my usual… I feel asleep as soon as the landing gear came up and woke up as the captain announced that we had begun our descent. My dad said the flight experience was brilliant because I was sleeping, haha! But in all seriousness, they loved the flight and said the service from the cabin crew on board was amazing.

As Jetstar is a low-cost budget airline, we had to pay for any food or drinks that we would like on board, but we apparently each had a $10 voucher that came with our booking, My dad got a tea which he enjoyed and said was delicious and my mum thought she would cure her flying nerves with a glass of sparkling wine which she also enjoyed.

We begun our descent into the Gold Coast with some beautiful views of the ocean and the beach below.


Photo Source: iStock.com

Once we touch downed, we had a short taxi to the gate before the seat belt sign was turned off and we disembarked the aircraft and entered the domestic terminal of Gold Coast airport.

We headed to carousel number 2, which was were our bags were being collected from before we headed to the rideshare pickup area, and waited for our ride to our hotel.

Flight Review Conclusion:

Overall, the flight and whole experience from driving to the airport, arriving at the airport, checking in and the flight experience all went very smoothly and would happily fly Jetstar in the future without any hesitation and is a great low-cost option for flights around Australia.

Hope you all enjoyed this flight review and let me know what you think and if you have any questions below!


Hope you have an enjoyable holiday, Declan! :D

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Thanks mate, appreciate it!


No problem!

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This is a technique you should practice


Awesome trip report Declan! Looks like it was an amazing flight!

ah, a man of culture

In all seriousness, loved the report! Sounds like JetStar is a great airline! How are their long haul ops doing during Covid?

PS: It’s 1 AM for you, hopefully you are asleep.

Awesome trip report Declan!

Glad u could fly! Not looking like I’m going to be able to agin till this summer.

How do you sleep on a plane, While being a AvGeek, Its bizarre

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Glad you enjoyed the trip report! It certainly was an amazing flight.

I know, I’m basic… haha!

Glad you loved the report. Jetstar are a great airline. I’m not sure how their long haul operations are during COVID, and I’m not even sure if they are operating their long haul options right now due to COVID-19.

And yeah, I was asleep. Just woke up now… haha!

Glad I could fly as well and super, super grateful for the opportunity. Fingers crossed things get better soon and more aircraft and more people get back up into the air sooner rather than later.

That’s a very good question. Well to be fair, I woke up for the descent and landing and said to my dad “the gear will come down in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” and boom… guess what happened? The gear came down bang on time, and my dad and I were like, that’s how you know that I’m an AvGeek. Haha!


Ahhh understandable, idk personality I cannot sleep on a plane

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