Going flying for real

Well after many years I am getting in a light aircraft and doing it for real. My partner has purchased a flying lesson for me out of our local airfield as part of my birthday. To say I am over the moon would be an understatement.

Get a 30 min briefing followed by 1 hr flight at the controls and a log book to start the journey to solo


Have fun on the flight!

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Your very first flight in a light aircraft is a moment you will never forget! I first took mine when I was 12 years one. It is truly an amazing experience. Have fun!

Have fun, hope you enjoy it!

Be sure to share your experience with the community. This could be motivational for others!


My first (hands-on) flight was last year on a Piper Warrior III. N80FT at Washington International Flight Academy at KGAI. I’ll never forget that aircraft’s Registration or that flight itself. I wish you the best of the blue skies!


Awesome! I remember my first flight, it’s so much different to a simulator! Because you are actually in the aircraft, in control if pretty much anything!, and above all just the feeling of flight is awesome! I really hope you enjoy


Good luck on your Journey! You’re following in the footsteps of a hundred years of flying. Keep those foot-tracks fresh for the next generation of flyers! Have fun


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