Going Domestic in the Philippines

Anyway the a321 in the cebu pacific and Philippines livery are like my favorites to use in the Philippines other than the Smol Cebu a319 so why not go domestic from cebu to good ol Manila

Flight Time: 00:59
Aircraft: Airbus A321-200 (Cebu Pacific)
Server: Training

Steep takeoff out of Cebu

Insert Circle Of Life music

Going through the Morning

Still in the Philippines Sea With the sun still rising


Just A Beauty

Descending into Manila

On Final with the ILS

b u t t e r / g r e a s e


Awesome shots mate! Make sure to keep a 24 hour spacing between your #screenshots-and-videos topics.

Awesome pics once again🙌


Love the pictures! It really is a scenic route to fly!

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Love the shots! Finally the Philippines getting some screenshot action! I like the CebPac livery.

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@Rian16 oh yea… didnt noticed it i thought its just another day
@FLyboy277 sure it is in most of the philippines
@EpicNYC04 Yep i also love the CebPac livery also


That metallic shine on the jet, stunning. What device are you using for IF?

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iphone XS Max personally

Explains the great graphics. My Galaxy A5 doesn’t even match! Need to upgrade it. :D

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Basically i go to use Rendering Quality and Rendering resolution to put on high After i use the shot from infinite flight replay i use a editing source to edit the photos (Its actually google photos i use) or use one in your galaxy if it can edit or use different editing sources

Yep, I have high quality render already. The phone is just limited. Check out my IG so you can see what I’ve already shot.

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Hmm never really fly domestic in Asia. Might have to check that out! Nice photos!

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You should try it out it has great scenary each airline or aircraft you fly with

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Glad you love the Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific livery! Currently, all passenger flights for both are grounded until May 31. Hopefully they will rise up again. Hope you enjoyed your flight and stay here in the Philippines! My favorite shot has to be the 8th one :D


Yep can’t wait for it

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Anyway What shots should I showcase tomorrow

  • Kuala Lumper-Amsterdam (747-400 Malaysian)
  • London Gatwick-Paris Orly ( HOP! CRJ-1000)
  • Rio-Frankfurt (Lufthansa a330)

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HOP! will be featured tomorrow

I am just gonna correct you, Kaingin is the correct spelling for “Kaingen”.

Are you a filipino btw?

If you are a filipino, Kababayan!

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right… i knew text would be a hard idea

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Lovely shots 👌🏻👌🏻

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Looks great, keep it up!
My keyboard is kinda succ because i rage and smash it.

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