Going beyond the Infinity of Infinite Flight

Now, you may be wondering if this is edited. Turns out it’s not. This is directly from Infinite Flight… well, outside the known universe of Infinite Flight. Let me explain what exactly you’re looking at. This is an F-22 flying through space at around 1266x the speed of light. It’s traveling so fast that the distance it’s covering per second is greater than the distance between the Sun and Mars. If you want a number, it’s over 235 million miles per second.

At this point, you’re probably having an existential crisis about how this is possible… I honestly don’t know. I was just messing around with the space glitch on casual service and it somehow launched me outside of the known universe of Infinite Flight (that’s what I’m calling it for the time being).


Don’t believe me? Here’s my replay

Also, I’m not sure if this post belongs in General or Screenshots and Videos since I have a picture of my status.


I gotta watch this replay

It just shows you millions of ft below the earth

Hmmm. I wonder if the replay isn’t correct. Either way I have a video of it https://youtu.be/zV9dJPBpnI4?si=d9QQXiLO8CzBFwhF

That is crazy!! Mind if I take some pics from the replay you provided for my own screenshots and videos topic? I will give credit :)

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Sure. Go for it

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due to the underground slingshot up into the heavens glitch (or simply space glitch) it may not actually be recorded correctly in the replay since I’ve had similar issues in the past with it

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Hmmm, good to know. At least I tried to provide proof lol

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Yup, you guessed it 😱


Took a picture of the sun from the outside of the universe lol



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Yes. Very. Still don’t know what caused it to get that chaotic. The space glitch usually launches you around Mach 40 into space. This was very different that not only did I get launched at 1266x the speed of light into space, I also teleported into South America

I wonder if anyone has beaten my record yet 👀

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I’ve just did this one again (didn’t do since a long time) if you watch the replay seconds before the end, it will do the replay glitch and every time you go to the very end of the replay and keep playing, you keep going more and more faster (in term of Vertical speed and altitude only)

Actually over 18’000’000’000 ft (18 billions of feet) you can no longer see our planet ! (applies to a small resolution screen and display on iPod touch)

State of IF freezing before app crash:

Exploiting glitches is not encouraged!

Several years ago, I tried to use this very glitch to phase through the moon. I gave up since it requires incredibly timing, but I did discover that the moon isn’t even a full sphere. It’s more of a bowl shape and we’re seeing the bottom of it

Conspiracy theories intensify


Well, Infinite Flight is a simulation so it adds up lol


Gonna need to replicate this next year

I found an interesting way of describing this event without the need for words