Going back in time

Today I flew from Denver to Los Angeles. To honor @Butter_Boi 's cakeday i decided to fly in the retro American 737!

Flight Details

Flight time: 1:55
Server: Expert
Version: 20.3

Now let’s blast off into these photos!

Boarding at gate A51

Up, up, and away!

Crusing over the rockies

A scenic photo of the Grandest of Canyons

Descending into SoCal

On final for the In-N-Out approach

Butter!!! (Yes I know I was a bit off the centerline)

At the gate

All the photos were taken in free cam, it was a great flight!
Very busy Denver, I had to have other traffic turned off so my flight wouldn’t crash. Thanks @Drummer for doing an amazing job working Denver!

Which one was your favorite?
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Love that you flew out of Denver!! Great shot over the rockies!

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Omg, i miss this livery… number 3 of course

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@CPT_Colorado no problem, I’m glad you liked them!

@Nylzaga I miss it too, thanks for reading!

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Of course. With @Butter_Boi around, who doesn’t butter? Even on Ryanair, I dare say.

Great photos, and let me wish @Butter_Boi safe and smooth landings ahead!


Buildings. exe has stopped working

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Lol @TheGlobalAviator

Also I do not have the beta, my device has struggled to put up with it and its many bugs so I went back to 20.3


P. S. I don’t hate Ryanair. I said it would butter at times. Ryanair Virtual please don’t come at me.

Hope the official release comes soon!

Ah yes, you even buttered the retro 737 (to some degree at least 😜). It’s an honor to have someone dedicate their flight to me, means a lot.

And great photos too!

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I just wish the A330 rework came out today haha

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No problem, glad you liked this!

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Amazing pictures 😄

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Thank you!