Going around

Did I flight from KAGS-KCLT, and when I got on final approach for 36C at CLT and there was an aircraft turning right infront of me. So ATC asks me to land on 36R so I did. Then when I was on a 7.5 mile final and the winds picked up and I was a little to high, so I went about. Then ATC cleared me to land on 36R again so I landed this time I was on the glide slope and correctly fighting the winds. But I was on a 2 mile final and I saw a plane on the runway, I waited a while to see if they would be out of the way in time but nope. I went around again. If IF incorporated fuel consumption I would have declared a min. fuel emergency.


Divert to the nearest airport and try to land there, hope the nimrods don’t follow you :)


Then IF would have to add emergencies, not only fuel consumption, which is a whole other story.