Going Around The World! No and not Commerical, I use GA!

Going Around the World!

Bah, bah, bah, he’s going to use A350 at high speed, but that’s not the case. Instead flying in one of our newest model that has been added recently. How about one of our newest rework aircraft? Going around the world in a C172 is much more fun than flying in A350. Starting at my general aviation home airport which is KCOQ then go around the world. I thought flying around the world in a C172 is awesome even though it will take a long time. Long-time to success = never quit = successful plus happiness! This thread which I will use, to track and put my log down. Every other day, something every day or every 4 days depending on how busy I am. I will write the date, then the route which I went on and show the scenery of it. The world has so much beautiful place that it will take years to see them all. However, I’m going on 4 continents. Wait? What about the other 3? I’m skipping South America, Australia and of course, Antantrica.

For a couple of months, I will be flying over North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. From the United States, Greenland, parts of Europe, Egypt, parts of the Middle East, then onto India, part of southeast Asia then China, Korea, Japan over or going north of Pacific before arriving the United States to my home.

Part One: North America

Date Starting Airport Touch and Goes At Finish Airport Route Flight Plan Completed?
January 2nd, 2020 KCOQ KDLH & KCKC CYQT N/A Yes
January 5th, 2020 [Postponed] New Date: January 10th, 2020 CYAM CYSB CYYB * CYAM CFKTB V348 CYSB V316 YYB CYYB Yes

* Using Navigrahp for Flight Plan, I will need to adjust to Infinite Flight way. Copy my flight plan if you wish to fly with me.

Part One
  • January 2nd, 2020: Today! I just began my journey from my home to the world! Chilly town in the land of the 10,000 lakes to the burning city in Egypt. I began my take off at runway 25 at Cloquet Regional Airport and began turning toward Duluth for touch and goes. After that, I am now cruising at FL100 heading Grand Marais along the Lake Superior. I love the lake, being one of the largest freshwater lakes in Minnesota and the largest lake in the Western Hemisphere. Did another touch and goes at Grand Marais. Before landing for the day at Thunder Bay, I went around the nice and tall cliff on-base while turning to the final. I will be heading to CYAM on Saturday and possible CYSB on Sunday.

  • January 4th, 2020: Bye Bye Thunder Bay and Hello Soo Locks! Crossing Lake Superior was cool! I can see land in any direction. Oh, the water to the east of Thunder Bay looks like it’s from the tropical, it was amazing! Extreme wind are coming, hopefully, I get out of Soo Locks land to the East before the wind hit. The wind around the lake could get very harsh.

  • January 10th, 2020: Delay, delay and delay. I proceed to fly Leg 3 with @Balloonchaser and @David_Mullen. Thank you for coming. Anyway, the scenery was absolutely beautiful. Some look like part of Minnesota. Perfect for screenshots. I will be heading to CYOW on Sunday and hopefully some nice weather, but I’m afraid it will be postponed again. Auf Wiedersehen und gute Nacht. Good bye and good night.

  • January 13th: No Log Written Down.

  • February 17, 2020: Beautiful mountains, farms, cities, and rivers. I started with a crosswind at 6 kt takeoff at CYOW. Then proceed to ahead east, mountains in the gray along the horizon of the east to south. Wait, am I paying attention. Oop, I was too high for the airport I touch and goes. I proceed to slow down to min. and slowly descended, but touch and goes were good. Now, I ascend again to CYRQ for the landing. Once again, mountains and so many things. Now, I flew overhead and circled the outline of the city. It’s got a deep river which is cool. Landed and hopefully fly again on the 19th or 20th.

You can fly with me if you want, I will not likely give the date before the day. Just only that day when I will be flying next.

Set this topic to tracking if you wish you want to track me.

It seems the thread looks simple, but when the time progresses, trust me. It will be beautiful with all the log written down.


Hey mate, I’ve done a semi-similar thing by going to every single country in the world, I as was just wondering, why not Australia?!


I was thinking just going around the world in Northern Hemisphere, sorry, but I don’t hate Australia.

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I would love to participate if there was some sort of time frame when you’d depart. Doesn’t have to be a huge notice, maybe just something in the table.

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In 30-20 minutes, I will spawn into CYQT and set off to CYAM. Over the Great Lakes, Superior. I plan to fly over the Sleepy Giant which is a cool geography place to see. Due C172 limited to the wind, we will cruise at FL050 to FL070. Great news, it’s tailwind. Let get the 2nd leg started soon!

I will turn right after taking off 25 then fly over Sleepy Giant and proceed course to CYAM.

Leg 3 starting!

Leaving CYAM and t/g at CYSB then land at CYYB.

Edited: Cancelled due to low visibility.

Heads up! The weather at CYAM will be great tomorrow. I plan to fly on Friday evening. Keep look out for tomorrow.

I did this thing as well but only I used a TBM-930 for my circumnavigation. One of my best memories from infinite flight, A tip i would give you is some smaller airports do not have places to refuel so if you are taking the aleutian islands across the pacific be wary of this and always take more fuel than you think you need.

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What do you want on you-

Before I make that unoriginal joke, let me just say that I am hanging in for ya! Good luck my guy!

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I am using nnear full fuel before heading off to northern Canada, Greenland and Iceland. Plus Pacific Ocean too.

Right now, I will be starting the leg from CYAM to CYYB with a t/g at CYSB. The weather look fine and great.

After a busy month, I was able to have some time to fly a leg tonight. Yes, it has been a while. You think I will quit? Nay, never. Once you started a goal, you will never quit.

Right now, I will be starting the flight from CYOW to CYRQ with a touch and goes at CSS3. The flight plan is shown above in the log chart of the thread.

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