Going around problems

so i was landing at ENGM and i had to go around, when i added the fixes the plane didn’t go the route i wanted it to go can anyone help me

Were you fixed on APPR while on finals? Did you change your LNAV settings to follow NAV1 before activating APPR? If so, you have to change your LNAV settings from NAV1 back to GPS, then click LNAV again to have it follow the purple fixes.

i did all that

i changed to LNAV

No, you cannot simply reactivate LNAV. You have to change the LNAV settings, under the NAV, tab back to GPS from NAV1

it was on GPS

Then did you make sure the correct fixes were active (highlighted purple)?


Your NAV source was on GPS and the aircraft still failed to follow the FPL? Are you sure the leg you wanted to be flying was activated in the FPL (signified by the text being purple on the FPL)?

yes the fixes were purple

When you say the aircraft didn’t go the route you wanted it to go, what happened exactly? It carry on flying straight? Go a different way?

yes when i started going around i plotted the fixes and it didn’t work. the NAV was on GPS

it was flying straight

And, just to check here, when you were approaching, were you flying the approach manually? With autopilot, NOT APPR? Or APPR?

i was trying to land with APPR

Okay. In which case then, it definitely sounds like the NAV source was still set to NAV1 instead of GPS. Are you absolutely sure the NAV SOURCE was set to GPS, not the bearings but the SOURCE?

yes i’m absolutely sure it was let to GPS

And you’re absolutely sure you changed it back the SOURCE back to GPS after initiating the go-around?

You may have it set to GPS throughout the flight, but activating APPR automatically changes the NAV SOURCE to NAV1 - and this isn’t changed back upon the deactivation of the mode. Sometimes, myself included, this isn’t always recognised by the pilot, causing what you’re stating is happening to happen.

oh okay. i quit the flight bc i was frustrated 🤦🏾‍♂️

No worries!

You just gotta make sure to remember to change your NAV SOURCE back to GPS after deactivating APPR if you’d like to continue flying following a FPL. Honest mistake though, if that was the case, so don’t worry about it too much.

thanks for the help👍🏾

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