Goin' to Graceland-Hosted by FedExVA @ KMEM - 281800ZJAN18


Welcome everyone to our event page! Memphis, TN is the location of FedEx’s Superhub, housing one of the largest cargo operations in the world. Flights begin and end here to and from destinations all over the world, making for a fun and exciting flight environment. FedEx VA is looking to bring that excitement to Infinite Flight by bringing in flights from all over the globe to land and depart during our event. Sign up for a gate with your route and lets fill up KMEM!

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Date Jan 28th
Time 1800Z - 6pm London - 1pmET - 12pmCT - 10amPT
Airport KMEM-Memphis International

Airlines that service KMEM Air Canada, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, FedEx, DHL, UPS

GATES Commercial


Cargo Spots
Apron 760
Apron 761
Apron 762- @Douglas_Chanley
Apron 750 - @robg
Apron 751- @calvinbrookman
Apron 752

Boeing 777F
Apron 380
Apron 381- @jmwilliams17
Apron 382
Apron 383
Apron 391

UPS/other cargo Spots
Apron 01
Apron 02
Apron 03
Apron 04

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Should probably move this to live:events category

Great event idea though.

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Done already!☺️

Nice event!

Thank you! Come join us!

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Sorry unfortunately that’s the usual time I go to bed at😞 anyway have fun!

only tough part about IF, global sleep schedules!


Pilots still needed! Come join us this weekend!

FEDEX MD11-F to ALB Apron 750

you got it! ill put you down now

Could I get a 777F Gate please

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