Goes towards the wind

Just a question everytime I am about to rotate my aircraft always steers towards the wind the the way the wind is pushing can anyone help out?

Use the rudder to correct the plane on the centerline!

Check the wind speed and direction as you line up for takeoff. If it’s perpendicular to the direction of travel you need to engage rudder in the opposite direction to counterbalance it

Fun fact, your nose goes into wind as the wind pushes your tail.

The good thing is you have a big moveable bit of metal at the back (Rudder), that will really be able to help you get that nose back in line.

Hope that helps!


When I use rudder it rocks side to side hard

I think it might be worth you practicing a little bit on solo with a crosswind.

Maybe try watching some of the official videos on crosswinds.

Does it only do this on the 757?

No with any aircraft too


Here’s the takeoff one too

Mentour Pilot also made a very good video

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