Goal: Fly Air Mauritius A359 Routes Consecutively [100%]

Hello IFC, it’s been more than a month that I have been flying for @DubaiVirtual as Emirates 898VA and yesterday during the event at EGLL, I decided to set up a goal: fly every Air Mauritius A359 routes.

Reasons behind doing that goal

First of all, I have a Mauritian nationality and spent all of my life in Mauritius up to now!
I love the Airbus A350-900 of Air Mauritius, it is just so wonderful and it is my flag carrier.
Before I joined Dubai Virtual Airline (DVA), I almost every time flown the A359 of Air Mauritius but then when I joined DVA, I mostly flown the Boeing 777-300ER of Emirates and fell in love with that aircraft too! lol…
Now, since DVA has codeshares with Air Mauritius, I decided to fly all Air Mauritius routes available (22 in total) from that codeshares.

Goal (100% completed)

So, the goal is to consecutively fly every routes of Air Mauritius available from DVA codeshares and the routes are listed just below.
Flight no. Departure Airport Arrival Airport Scheduled Departure Order - Completed (22/22)
MK14 Port Louis (FIMP) Paris (LFPG) 2021-04-07T18:30:00Z 6 - Yes
MK15 Paris (LFPG) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-08T07:00:00Z 7 - Yes
MK42 Port Louis (FIMP) London (EGLL) 2021-04-17T14:30:00Z - According to IFC vote 22 - Yes
MK48 Port Louis (FIMP) Geneva (LSGG) 2021-04-11T03:30:00Z 10 - Yes
MK53 London (EGLL) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-04T16:00:00Z 1 - Yes
MK59 Geneva (LSGG) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-11T15:45:00Z 11 - Yes
MK440 Port Louis (FIMP) Perth (YPPH) 2021-04-10T02:30:00Z (cancelled) Reschedule: 2021-04-15T19:00:00Z 20 - Yes
MK441 Perth (YPPH) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-10T10:30:00Z (cancelled) Reschedule: 2021-04-16T08:15:00Z 21 - Yes
MK640 Port Louis (FIMP) Hong Kong (VHHH) 2021-04-14T17:00:00Z 18 - Yes
MK641 Hong Kong (VHHH) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-15T04:00:00Z 19 - Yes
MK646 Port Louis (FIMP) Singapore (WSSS) 2021-04-09T02:00:00Z 8 - Yes
MK647 Singapore (WSSS) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-09T09:00:00Z 9 - Yes
MK688 Port Louis (FIMP) Shanghai (ZSPD) 2021-04-13T16:00:00Z 16 - Yes
MK689 Shanghai (ZSPD) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-14T04:00:00Z 17 - Yes
MK744 Port Louis (FIMP) Delhi (VIDP) 2021-04-12T19:45:00Z 14 - Yes
MK745 Delhi (VIDP) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-13T04:00:00Z 15 - Yes
MK748 Port Louis (FIMP) Mumbai (VABB) 2021-04-06T10:00:00Z 4 - Yes
MK749 Mumbai (VABB) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-07T08:00:00Z 5 - Yes
MK843 Port Louis (FIMP) Cape Town (FACT) 2021-04-12T03:30:00Z 12 - Yes
MK844 Cape Town (FACT) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-12T13:45:00Z 13 - Yes
MK851 Port Louis (FIMP) Johannesburg (FAOR) 2021-04-05T11:30:00Z 2 - Yes
MK852 Johannesburg (FAOR) Port Louis (FIMP) 2021-04-06T05:00:00Z 3 - Yes

Group Flight Posts

Here I will post the links to the #live:groupflights posts I may make less than 3 hour prior to scheduled departure from above table:
SN Status Details
1 Landed Group Flight for MK852 @ FAOR - FIMP / 06APR21 / 0500Z
2 Landed Group Flight for MK748 @ FIMP - VABB / 06APR21 / 1000Z
3 Landed Group Flight for MK749 @ VABB - FIMP / 07APR21 / 0800Z
4 Landed Group Flight For MK14 @ FIMP - LFPG / 07APR21 / 1830Z
5 Landed Group Flight For MK15 @ LFPG -FIMP / 08APR21 / 0700Z
6 Landed Group Flight For MK646 @ FIMP - WSSS / 09APR21 / 0200Z
7 Landed Group Flight For MK647 @ WSSS - FIMP / 09APR21 / 0900Z
8 Cancelled Group Flight For MK440 @ FIMP - YPPH / 10APR21 / 0230Z
9 Landed Group Flight For MK48 @ FIMP - LSGG / 11APR21 / 0330Z
10 Landed Group Flight For MK59 @ LSGG - FIMP / 11APR21 / 1545Z
11 Landed Group Flight For MK843 @ FIMP - FACT / 12APR21 / 0330Z
12 Landed Group Flight For MK844 @ FACT - FIMP / 12APR21 / 1345Z
13 Landed Group Flight For MK744 @ FIMP - VIDP / 12APR21 / 1945Z
14 Landed Group Flight For MK745 @ VIDP - FIMP / 13APR21 / 0400Z
15 Landed Group Flight For MK688 @ FIMP - ZSPD / 13APR21 / 1600Z
16 Landed Group Flight For MK42 @ FIMP - EGLL / 17APR21 / 1430Z

Details of Flights Completed

Order Flight no. Route Remarks
1 MK53 EGLL - FIMP Flown during the event created by @Ahmed1
2 MK851 FIMP - FAOR Group Flight with DVA pilot: @Omkar_Rathi and @CaptainAftab (who unfortunately could not take off with us)
3 MK852 FAOR - FIMP Group Flight with @applepro243
4 MK748 FIMP - VABB Group Flight with DVA pilot: @CaptainAftab
5 MK749 VABB - FIMP Pleasant Flight with a wonderful coast view at Mumbai
6 MK14 FIMP - LFPG Morning approach in Paris after a long Flight
7 MK15 LFPG - FIMP Group Flight with DVA pilot: @CaptainAftab
8 MK646 FIMP - WSSS Group Flight with a Singaporean Pilot (@applepro243)
9 MK647 WSSS - FIMP Group Flight with @Disheng_Zhang
10 MK48 FIMP - LSGG Wonderful approach in Geneva after a long Flight
11 MK59 LSGG - FIMP Amazing views on departure of this Flight
12 MK843 FIMP - FACT Group Flight with @applepro243
13 MK844 FACT - FIMP Group Flight with @AGSilver_04
14 MK744 FIMP - VIDP Group Flight with Air India 99
15 MK745 VIDP - FIMP Group Flight with Air Mauritius 111
16 MK688 FIMP - ZSPD 11 hours long haul Flight
17 MK689 ZSPD - FIMP Another long haul flight back to Paradise Island
18 MK640 FIMP - VHHH Wonderful approach into Hong Kong
19 MK641 VHHH - FIMP Amazing views upon departure
20 MK440 FIMP - YPPH Overnight flight with morning approach at Perth
21 MK441 YPPH - FIMP First time ever approaching FIMP from south
22 MK42 FIMP - EGLL Group Flight with @applepro243 and @Unionpacific4006
FIMP Airport Informations (Include recommend SIDs)

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (IATA: MRU , ICAO: FIMP ) is the main and only international airport in Mauritius. The airport has direct flights to several destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and is home to the country’s national airline Air Mauritius.


North: UTIVA1
North-North East: UDMED1
East: OSKAR1
South West: IBSIS1
West: SOBAT1
North West: TIBAG1

Other Useful Info
  • Only one runway available, it is RW14/32 and RW14 is used for take off and landing in real life except if the wind changes direction.

  • Elevation: 183ft

  • Runway: Asphalt 11072x147ft, back taxi available for take off at RW14 (Rarely use though, even the A380 Emirates can take off without back taxiing)

  • No. of gates (compatible to the A359): 10

Thank you for taking your time to read my post. I appreciate it. Have a nice day!
Screenshots and Videos posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
My next goal is to Fly Every Emirates SkyCargo Routes.


I will let the IFC choose my destination for Friday 9th April:

  • Cape Town (FACT)
  • Delhi (VIDP)
  • Singapore (WSSS)

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Good luck!

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Thank you!

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1 hour and a half left for departure of flight MK852 from gate A3. Don’t miss it out!

@Julien_Narayanasawmy great amount of routes to do with Air Mauritius and all i can say is good luck ;)

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Yeah… thank you very much!


The A350 is a beautiful aircraft… Mauritius is also in a world of its own. Glad that you like flying it!

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About 1 hour to departure of flight MK748 from FIMP! Don’t miss it out!

good luck!

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Thank you!!

Please let me know when you intend to fly to Cape Town as I intend to join you.

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Ok. I will let you know when I will schedule. You can also propose a date and time! I will take it into consideration when planning my flights.

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About 1 hour to departure of flight MK749 from gate V10 to FIMP! Don’t miss it out!

oof i missed this flight

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@CaptainAftab … don’t be sad… there are 17 more flights upcoming with 4 already scheduled!

We are at 13 hours to closure of the first poll and WSSS is winning over FACT and VIDP with an advantage of 19%! So, I decided to schedule my flights accordingly. (If ever there is a reversal of the trend at closure, I will have to reschedule the flights… lol)

I know pilots who will be happy to hear that WSSS is winning… lol


After poll no.1, the second poll is out:

Choose my long haul flight for Sunday.
  • Geneva (LSGG)
  • Hong Kong (VHHH)
  • Shanghai (ZSPD)
  • Delhi (VIDP)

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You know I’ll be happy 😆

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Of course… it will be an occasion to visit you there… haha…

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