GoAir rebrands as Go First

A new, fresh livery and airline name is going to be seen in the Indian skies soon!

As it gets ready to file an IPO, India’s low-cost carrier GoAir (G8) has rebranded itself to Go First - The Airline Where You Come First

The management team has brought on board Ben Baldanza, former President and CEO of Spirit Airlines, and is possibly looking at spinning Go First as India’s go-to ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC).

Livery wise, two have been confirmed - black and blue. But these have not been painted yet, and will probably only be seen when GoAir (uh…Go First) gets its new set of aircraft out of the paint shop from Airbus. They have ordered 144 aircraft from Airbus, and as of April 2021 have picked up only 48.

Excited to see this new look soaring across the Indian skies! I like the livery, but I’m not too sure of the name. What do you think?


Go First just sounds wrong in front of Go Air.


Interesting change. Hopefully this new version of GoAir can be successful as an ULCC.


That’s what I kinda thought too. But I like the livery.
Initially, yeah. I thought they were introducing a first class cabin lol.


I haven’t flown them in years. Hopefully they’ll have better seats than Spirit, lol.

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Honestly GoAir sounds catchier, easier and faster to say than “Go First” tbh

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I wonder if they’ll keep their ATC callsign the same.

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Go First just sounds weird…GoAir sounded much more “airline-like”



The name is… interesting to say the least. “Go air” sounds better, but I support whatever the airline chooses.


Ikr, I thought it was a new first-class product. Then I look closer and I see, oh wow they rebranded.

Then I look even closer and see, oh wow they brought an ex-Spirit CEO on board

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Yeah I’m not totally against the name but I would think this suits a first/premium class name than an airline name

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