Go arounds - Why and how?

Background for this post:

I have noticed that many pilots perform go arounds wrong. In many situations this will cause lack of separation between aircrafts.
Typical scenario can be; told to go around, turning crosswind too early and coming too close to others in the pattern/on approach or cut in line.

Why do you have to go around?

  • Lack of adequate separation.
  • Unstable approach/final, too high, too low, wrong landing configuration etc.

Please maintain a responsible speed on final and look at your map. Keyword: Situational awareness.

Mark has made a tutorial on how to perform a go around properly and safely.
Fly runway heading, clean up and climb until you reach pattern altitude (1000 ft. AGL for GA/1500 ft. AGL for jets/airliners),then turn left/right.(L<—I--->R)

  • Follow the sequence
  • Maintain separation
  • If you are handed over to approach, do as instructed.

Runway heading: Magnetic heading of the runway
Pattern altitude: Level above the field to fly when you are in the pattern
AGL(Above Ground Level): Height above ground level

Go around tutorial:

If you get a week off from Expert server 👻, learn from your mistakes. Use that time to watch tutorials and practice.


And what exactly is the point of your topic? I can’t get it. As you stated yourself Mark has done a tutorial. So why we need another?


I once has to go around on TS1 because for some reason KLAX cleared another person for takeoff when I was a few seconds from short final and I was like “bruh”

First of all I am pretty sure that KLAX Ground cleared nobody for takeoff. But you mentioned a common controller problem on TS. Nothing you can do about. But good that you did the Go Around. The majority of TS Pilots would land on top of each other

It’s good that You’re trying to improve Infinite Flight, but this is purely a copy of Mark’s tutorial just with a pinch of complaining. Bumping the original topic would be better, but lets let the mods decide.

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My intention was not to copy my friend Mark, but to add a bit context to his exellent tutorial. I have lately seen too many incidents with go arounds. And people complaining about ghosting related to go arounds and separation. @Ignas04 @Lars_Thorein


I accidentally typed ground in there for some reason…I’ll change it momentarily

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I have a question though. Is go around the same as missed approach? And if not what’s the difference, because I use approach charts and they always tell me in the event of a missed approach, they tell me to climb 4000-6000direct to (insert waypoint here) and hold. Am I missing something?


IIRC a missed approach is during the approach, not final as a go around is. So like when you’re descending into final approach. If you’re too high that’s a missed approach.

Missed approach are for instrument approach only (ILS/GPS) and the charts have missed approach procedures. Go around are both for VFR and IFR traffic

A missed approach procedure tells you how to get from climb out into a holding or to another point from where you can commence a new approach.

A go around takes an aircraft from short final to climb out directly, not touching the runway.

Thank you @Brent_A @Andre_S and @Liam_Williams it’s cleared up now.


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