Go Arounds! @ KLAS (Part One)

Hey aviators, today (again) I went plane spotting for 3 hours! I have plenty of pictures to share so there will be 2 parts to this! The first will be posted today and the second tomorrow

This time I went with @Xtreme.Boom737 ! Her Instagram is @Southwest.Air.LuvFan

First spot of the day was a A320neo Miracle the Seagull arriving from Seattle!

Another Frontier A320 taxis off the runway arriving from Los Angeles (I believe it’s Pike the River Otter)

Next up was a Aeromexico Connect E190LR from Monterey with a Southwest 737-700 taking off for Lubbock

A American 737-800 butters from Los Angeles!

We move to our new spot to see the A320neo Spirit arrive from Oakland. Again, I got a Fanblade Frozen Shot 🤩😍

Next was an A319 Alaska arrived from Seattle

That’s when the beginning of the go around begins with an A320neo Volaris from Guadalajara went around

The second go around was a Allegiant A319

That’s is the max I can fit in one topic. 2 more go arounds happened. The reason for these go arounds was a runway change. Here are all the aircraft backtaxiing runway 26R

Stay tuned for tomorrow!


That looks Golden to me 😆 its incredible!

Just post that in the topic below:


Just a little note that it’s only back taxing on the runway, there just normal taxing to the other end…

Fantastic photos though, you know I love the frozen blades, thanks for the little preview. 😉

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A couple backtaxiied, I just realized what your saying.

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Those photos are really nice!

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Very nice!

Did you have any fries and if so did the seagull take them?

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oml he is back again with another one
these are too beautiful omg


Yes. How did you know I have fries 😅

(This ones for @Robertine and @anon38496261 )

It’s a lil tweet tweet


On behalf of myself and Robertine, very noice thank you 👌


Birby is beautiful

Hey everyone, I might extend the parts to 3 parts over 3 days in order to fit all my photos :)

Its Pike The Otter :)

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