Go-arounds at EGLL 😤

It was a beautiful day and as I was approaching runway 09L (Heathrow) a aircraft continued he’s line up, despite I was on a half mile final and that forced me to go-around.

Training server, EGLL—>EGLL, Pattern work, time (UTC 10:44) - 11:44 Europe London, Boeing 738(sharklets) (Comair BA)


Yes a classic day on TS1 hope the go around didn’t take too long and that you landed safely and was there ATC available?


Kudos to you for going around!



Good that you did a go around! Some pilots on expert wouldn’t have done it…

But there’s one thing (not about the go around): It kinda annoys me to see the Comair 737 all around Europe🤔 I know there’s nothing wrong about it since it’s a simulator and everyone can take every plane where he/she wants to but it’s still a real eyesore for me as BA doesn’t operate Boeing on short haul.


Yes, there was ATC online but he/she certainly missed the approaching plane!🙃 Landed safely 15 minutes after, not to long of course :).

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I certainly agree. It would have been beautiful to see the BA-livery on the MAX series or the 738:737 I must say. They used to operate the old 737-200s from 1977-2001, it is really a shame that they don’t use them anymore🤔


Thanks, we need to keep the realism up 🥳

good reaction, a lot of people do not go around in these situations, thank you for keeping realism.

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