Go arounds at a busy Bole Intl- Addis Ababa

Jeddah πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦ to Addis Ababa πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή

Hey IFC πŸ‘‹ I just landed in Addis Ababa after 2 Go arounds which increased my flight time by around 25mins. For the 1st G/A, there was an aircraft crossing runway 07L and i was on short final so i called a G/A to prevent a crash, then for the 2nd G/A a pilot was doing pattern work with a TBM (ATIS has been updated to no pattern work allowed a few minutes later) so i had to make a G/A since he was on short final and i was 1nm behind him. But in the end i landed safely which felt great.

I’d like to thank IFATC for helping me multiple times to get me on the ground safely :)

So here are the shots of the flight!

Server: expert
Flight time: 2hrs 36mins
Route: OEJN to HAAB
Cruising altitude and speed: FL350 at mach 0.84
Aircraft: B77W
Airline: Saudia


How do you see the landing fpm?

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I use an app called IF Operations, it creates a PIREP for every flight

Great pictures 😊

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Thank you :)

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Great editing! 😍

I am NEVER gonna click on your link again… πŸ˜‚
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Thank you 😊

It was my first Infinite flight video i made so it wasn’t great at all sorry…

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No worries! Keep practicing you will improvise… 🀭

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Thank you! I will definitely improve my IF videos :)

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What device and settings are you using?

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For editing my photos i use the 2018 iPad Pro, i use the apple photos app and edit my pictures

Each shot has a different setting to make the picture look great as if you use the same setting for all pictures then some pictures may be too bright and some maybe too dark

Here is an example screenshot i took a while back-

Just experiment with the tools until you get your desired picture :)

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