Go arounds and low fuel

Friday night DXB TS1. Everytime I would contact ATC for landing clearance, they would allow it, but then as I was on final there was always an airplane lined up on the runway, so I called a go around. This happened 3 or 4 times and eventually my 739 was running dangerously low on fuel, and of course there was another plane on the runway, so I flew over him and landed. Is there a way to tell ATC that you’re running low on fuel or do you just land?

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this happens on TS1 as some TS1 ATC (if not most) have no idea what they are doing.

Just try to land on a runway with no traffic or another airport if the traffic is chaotic. (on TS1)

There is a button to tell them emergency fuel message if you want to tell them


No you don’t just land,and yes there is a fuel emergency button after you have flown for over an hour and are under 30 minutes remaining.


Once you were low on fuel, I would suggest diverting to a airport with less traffic to avoid this problem.

Those pesky noobs always lining up on the runway before we land. You should divert to a nearby airport.

Please see @Brandon_Sandstrom comment above yours as it is correct.


I’m sorry, I had read that somewhere on the forum. My apologies!

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