Go Around

A call for the pilot to inform approach that he made a go around would be great, in this way the approach controller will know straight away what he should do with the traffic instead of asking for intensions.

For example:

“Approach, N123AB with you, going around”


Also for tower to acknowledge from the pilot that he’s goinging around…cause once he has informed us…there’s nothing that says “roger” indicating to them we understand and accept


If I am correct tower has, go around instructions or so… Make left / right pattern runway X but a simple roger would be great indeed and also follow runway heading.

This should also be implemented for departure. Shouldn’t it go to departure then back to approach? Maybe I’m wrong you would be the person to ask. @Aernout

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No as approach will sequence you back in, and most of the time in IF there is no departure available so all traffic taking off will go to approach as well :)


Yes they do…but what i mean is,that when a pilot first tells Tower that they are going going around…how do we respond…there is nothing…agreed we can can tell them to go…but when they first initiate and say they are going around…we cant respond to say “roger”…check it and see

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What do you mean Max?

Just say going around and issue left or right it doesn’t bring it up but that’s what I do so at leased it repeats what they said as if you acknowledge them and give pattern instructions.

As we don’t have a go around route to follow in IF you need to give some instructions. The few go around I have done we got from tower:

  • follow public missed approach
  • turn heading … climb … Feet
  • follow runway heading and climb … Feet.

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yea point taken Aernout…i understand what to do… :ok_hand: