Go around twice

Today was the first time ever I had to go around twice. So much traffic at TAPA on Advanced.

That was my seccond go around


Yeah it happens in multiple scenarios:

A) too much traffic (or noobs on pg)
B) bad ATC/Players
C) fast/high/slow/low approaches
D) lots of wind


The ATC Controller did a good job. I went around twice because of the traffic :)

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You never should use flaps 40 on the 737 unless it’s a steep approach

Indeed you did good. Going around twice is not something you see everyday. As controllers we do not wish to send go arounds unless absolutely nessasary. Going around twice had the controller handling mass amounts of traffic. Indeed you did good

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Is “TAPA” in the Carribean?

Yes it is.

Well, at least you weren’t me … 5 go arounds in one day … (long time ago thought) remember @Bob_Robert! :)

He actually was very realistic, kudos to @InfiniteFlightPlays. See how his throttle isnt at 100%.

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Oh yes, that’s another problem people have. You don’t need 110% N1 on a 9000 foot runway. I like to use the lowest amount I can.

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Sorry for that, wasn´t my best day.

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Two go around is nothing. After several minutes holding at Birmingham, I had to go around six times due to runway incursions and tiny spacings.

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People have said the ATC was bad… unlikely. Go arounds are regular its safe to assume you will have to go around twice at some point in your game flying :)

Thats a moment I would divert to Midlands

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