Go-Around Tutorial

Go-arounds can happen at any point on your final approach and must be met with decisive action and an immediate climb! In this video I’ll show you how to conduct a go-around in a few easy steps.


Go-Around Checklist

  • Takeoff/Go-Around Power [TOGA]
  • Takeoff Flaps Set
  • Pitch to 15º
  • Positive Rate - Gear Up
  • Fly Runway Heading [unless given alt instructions]
  • Communicate
  • 1,000ft AAL - Reduce to Climb Power, Pitch to 10º, Accelerate
  • Enter Traffic Pattern or Assigned ATC Instruction Beyond Departure End

Click below to tune in!

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Another helpful tutorial Tyler! Will keep in mind for future flights!


Thanks for the awesome tutorial, @Tyler_Shelton! You never disappoint!


Nice job @Tyler_Shelton! And there’s just one more thing!


Thanks again Tyler for another great tutorial!


Your voice is so calming, super well done. Thanks a lot Tyler!


Nah this is the OG from 2009, featuring Windy Wellington

Lovely tutorial Tyler!


Oh my goodness, what a coincidence! Just as I have a go-around at Johannesburg I see this! 😂

Thanks for the awesome tutorial as always Tyler!


Very nice! I’ve done a few, but not the correct way as shown, thanks!


Very good tutorial. I’ve seen many(including myself) pushing the throttle to full power. Nice to see a clarification on the amount of thrust to use.

I’ve seen lots of un-realistic go-arounds on lots of servers, expert included (at quieter airports). This should really help with that, thanks!

This varies quite a bit depending on what you’re flying, but rarely is it full throttle except in GA, heavy landing weights, or terrain/obstacles! A 172, TBM, Cub, or even an A10 will call for full throttle. That said, try doing that in a light B747 and you might shred the wings off.

A go around is as useful to practice as a touch and go. Next time you’re out in the pattern try throwing in a few for your own practice! Finding a power setting, pitch angle and configuration that works best will help you when the time comes to do it for real. Thanks for watching!


As for departure, you maintain the runway heading until ATC instructs you to make either right or left traffic correct?

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The G.O.A.T! Back at it again!

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Ideally yes. Becuase you don’t want to go around and fly over a terminal, or nearby traffic. This is the best effective way as the controller can also cancel the takeoff clearance on an aircraft starting it’s rollout.

You also don’t want to destroy the controller’s OCD if you turn the wrong way. 😅

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Thanks for the tutorial Tyler. Hopefully you’re not getting bored making so many of these! :D

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Chances are, the controller will have given you a direction prior to you reaching the departure end of the runway. What Tyler is saying is that you should maintain runway heading until you’ve reached the end of the runway, even if ATC gave you directions to go left/right beforehand. :)

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Typically with a go around it already says “left/right traffic”. You wait until the departure end to actually make that first crosswind turn.

I often see people on a 2-3 mile final get told to go around and they immediately turn into traffic on the downwind with little to no awareness.


Never bored! I have the greatest job(s) in the world. :)


Had a good training with three go-around yesterday evening in ZRH…

Thanks for this very comprehensive tutorial!

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