Go Around Procedure

Hey guys,
So after many years of missing the runway, I have established what I think works but I am looking for direction on what is the appropriate Go Around Procedure or Check-List?

Usually by the time I have established a Go Around I am really close to landing, speed is really low, flaps are pretty close to full, gear down, lights on, pretty low altitude, etc etc etc.

When you establish you need to go around, what is the appropriate procedure?

ATC communication?

I sometimes find myself struggling to make a stable Go Around and I wanted to hear what should happen so I can make a more professional effort.




Each runway has it’s own go around/missed Approach procedure for instrument approach for example.





Look at the specific approach charts for each runway you are heading into, and you will see and find everything you need to know @Jshnlsn

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Another tip is to use skyvectors to find all the charts when you fly! :)

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That’s great! Where do you find this information?

Google “KLAX approach plates” for example.

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Skyvectors.com and then go the airport which you wish to use, and then a menu item will pop up once you hover your cursor on it, and then choose the Approach plate.




Fairly standard procedure. This is for the 777:

Once the decision to go-around has been taken then the following actions are done:

Call ‘Go-Around’ Flaps 20
Press TOGA switches (either) , I would assume in this game that you apply full thrust.
Pitch smoothly towards approx 15 degrees nose up.
When the VSI reads a positive rate, bring the gear up.
Sit in that configuration, F20, full power, adjusting pitch to maintain a steady airspeed until just before the published missed approach altitude. When within approximately 10% of V/S (eg. 2000fpm = 200’) start leveling toward the MAP altitude and accelerate.

Clean up the wing as the speed schedule dictates and perform the after take off check list.

It’s a ‘normal’ maneuver not an emergency maneuver. :D



Only if your shooting an insturment approach!

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Yeah, that was just an example to show that each airport is different. There isn’t one set altitude to climb and maintain, or heading to turn to.

This is great. I appreciate this. Lines it out in words for me. Just what I was looking for.
Thank you.

Why? A go-around can be performed from any approach.

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Typical go around procedure remember! Call it, cram it, climb it! The three Cs in a go around


Hahaha. That’s what I often do but I have too found myself stalling and in some sketchy situations. Lol.

You missed by point! I know a go around can be made from any point! I was saying that that’s the missed approach/go around procedure for that runway.

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If you’re flying the visual then ATC ‘might’ give you additional instructions as to what to fly in the event of a missed approach. However they will almost always request you adhere to the altitudes set within the instrument approach plates.

You do not have to fly the approach to conduct the go-around as the flight path and profile has been proven to be clear and safe.

Smaller airfields just adhere to the circuit height and ‘normally’ fly runway heading until breaking back into the pattern.

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Fair enough. My apologies.

All good! No worries at all.