Go around procedure

In which situations would you go around and what is the correct way to do it? Do you need to contact ATC first?

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Contact ATC, Then Go Around!


When going around, you contact ATC to notify them. Then you go around.

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Thanks but I still dont get how you manage a 5 second reply lmao

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Because that’s how long it takes to search for something.


The three Cs. Call it, Cram it, Climb it. 1.Call the go-around. 2. Carb heat full throttle . 3. climb the plane with slowly retracting flaps


Carb heat full throat? Is that a typo

Also maintain the runway heading for a bit don’t inmdeiately turn and mess up the traffic flow.

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yes should be fixed now

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You don’t necessarily have to announce that you are going around to ATC first, fly the aircraft. A go around can be initiated from any point on the final approach, this includes 9 miles out or at 10ft above the runway if you messed up the flare. If time permits, let ATC know first, but otherwise initiate the go around then tell ATC and follow their instructions from there.

A go around can be completed in 5 steps:

  1. Apply thrust (recommend in excess of 90% N1)
  2. Pitch to 15 degrees nose up
  3. Retract the flaps one stage (for example Full to 3 on Airbus)
  4. Check for a positive climb rate and then put the gear up
  5. Let ATC know if you haven’t already

Happy Go Arounds!


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