Go-Around procedure Question

Just a quick question that I’m curious about.
I was flying on a Dash 8 and I entered for a GPS approach onto Runway 11 at KEWR.
@Stephen_Benny is in a CRJ200 and entered in for a ILS approach for Runway 04R.

I reported final first and proceeded to land. He reported final shortly after I reported final. It looked like we were going to collide exactly in the intersection point of both runways. Is there a standard protacol as to who go’s around and who continues approach or is it just “when in doubt, go around”?

@Stephen_Benny is still on the approach right now…maybe liveflight will provide more details…

The person that calls final first or has the lower altitude has the right of way. This is not to be misused to gain priority.


And since you were going for different runways there wouldn’t be a spacing issue with speeds. Know does 11/29 intersect 4R

Actually there was some problem with atc in the version which am in was discussing with Brandon abt tht… i could not hear anything on unicom… i saw u on my radar map at the last moment and i went around…


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