Go Around Ordered During Touchdown

Flying from Melbourne to Perth for FNF all was going smoothly and I had an amazing approach with vectors from the lovely @GHamsz I was handed off to tower and their was a Dash 8 on final in front of me and as I was touching down I was ordered to go around. In real life I would have been past land/no land decision time. I somehow pulled a go around out of it but should that be the case? Receiving a go around as your landing.

\I had to go around again because an aircraft was sitting on the runway for a solid minute🙄

Yep even if the wheels touch the tarmac you can still go around.


Okay thanks for clarification.

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Their should be changed to there

Put yourself in the real world position.

Would you want the pilot of the airliner you’re on go around when there’s an aircraft sitting on the runway, or would you like for him to land on the other aircraft? I think the answer is pretty clear, but putting it in that perspective will give you something to evaluate.


I agree that its better to go around but maybe to avoid this IFATC should make the distance the arriving plane is from the runway greater to reduce this happening if that makes sense


This would be great; however, there is a mutal relationship between controllers and pilots. ATC will try their best to help maintain lateral separation, but there are times when some pilots (not saying this is you) have trouble slowing their aircraft down. I’ve noticed the 777 family in particular can be a challenge to slow down, but if it means we need to start slowing 50nm further out then that’s what we need to do.

When I fly into controlled airspace, I’m constantly looking at my map to at least try to understand what ATC might have me do. I’m not only listening to/for my callsign, but also listening to others and determining where they’re at so I can increase/reduce my speed as necessary.


I d acknowledge the mutual relationship between IFATC and pilots but I think that maybe (not the most important thing on the list of things that need changing) someone could look into this. In my case I was flying the 747 and was relatively light so slowing down wasn’t a huge challenge for me. To be fair there was winds gusting over 50kt so it was challenging.


The pilot and controller both have an obligation to call the go around when appropriate. You could have called it earlier as well without the ATC doing it for you. Nothing needs to change as far as IFATC goes they did exactly what they should have, and called the go around.


If you see an aircraft still on the runway when you’re landing, go around. If ATC doesn’t tell you to go around it doesn’t give you the ok to land on the runway when an aircraft is still on it.

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I would agree with you but the plane on the runway was cleared for immediate takeoff when I was 6NM out and didn’t move until I was over him going around so?

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I really don’t see the relevance the plane was on the runway you shouldn’t have needed ATC to tell you to go around.