Go Around - Now Ghosted For This

So let me say this first off thank you to ATC and all the fellow pilots on the expert server you all do an amazing job and it’s an honor and privilege to fly with everyone of you

My question is this: on the go around that I was performing this wasn’t exactly by the book but it happened to be as flying a crj and that the airplane was unstable on touchdown and I decided it was unstable and to do a go-around, well I stabilized it but if I had to land line up with the center line and then re-enter the airspace would it be okay for me to call in a go-round even if I was rolling down half the runway as if it were a touch and go?

A go around is something that a pilot can do at any time if he deems it necessary for the safety of the passengers/plane. If you feel something isn’t right and you won’t be able to land or another plane is on the RW, yes don’t hesitate to go around😉

And don’t forget… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqFTD-Bqwl8

One little thing. If it’s the controller that tells you to go around, you shouldn’t touch down and go. In that case you really have to try to put more throttle and gain altitude pretty fast


So I inquired about here before practicing this type of go around is this is how it is done in real life and this is what I’m used to, I just got gohsted for this at Melbourne international, Florida.

I was simply performing a go around as there’s a crosswind I am brand new to the TBM, I got gohsted for it. This is very disappointing to me and I would like to hope that this never happens to me in the future, it really does ruin a challenging experience.

I would say contact the atc in a dm. It seems as if you knew what you were doing and maybe could get it reversed, as you have a real case and so far have handled it professionally. Do you remember the name of the atc? You can check it in logbook I think

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Yes, thank you. I did message him. I think maybe he thought I was trying to do pattern work as the reason listed was “not listening to atis”, when in fact go around are no fun for me, and it was a crosswind, I was just getting ready to request runway change as my personal policy is if I cannot make the runway on the third attempt, I divert.

That was my second failed attempt, I double checked on here 4 days ago (this post) to absolutely make sure that my procedure was accepted, as far as being able to go around even when weels touch, and was given the green.

Reason I asked was because I knew that I would be learning two new planes, crj and tbm.

I was really looking forward to a fun FNF but this was unexpected and unfortunate.

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Did all your wheels touch down then?

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Yes they did.

Why would you go around then? At that point you are in the ground. I’m not aware of the exact situation nor would I make a comment about it but from what you are telling me it just appears you are doing touch and goes. You in a rare case may touch down and go around but for all wheels to make contact is an incident, it’s nit a result or normal flying. In the TBM, you at that point have landed once you have all wheels on the ground.

Because I was sliding off of the runway. That is why I made this post though, I asked a question, a respected member told me it was ok to do this type of go around, so I went off of that.

The alternative was to crash other aircraft on the side of the runway in parking but I was able to get it up.

Either way, those were my two options, I chose to get it back up, I was gohsted.

Actually in real life a pilot can initiate a go around if wheels touch the ground, in any case, go around should NEVER be questioned or discouraged - that is how accidents can happen.

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This is IF though. People countlessly bend the rules and do this exact thing to get around the ‘no pattern work’ if you were close to sliding off then you weren’t lined up correctly. If you are inexperienced with the TBM then practice in solo or Casual. In 7 days you will be back to normal.

Ultimately the controller offered discussed it with you. If you think this is wrong then ask them for a supervisor, other than that you will have to wait.

OK then I should appeal? If staff look at my account they will see that I’ve never done pattern work in the last six months , I don’t like pattern work this is my first time flying in GA aircraft at all.

I don’t agree with me being banned for seven days that is ridiculous , especially after an IFATC officer confirmed that I was allowed to do the very thing that I was ghosted for doing days before I did it.

Thank you for your input also, I have no doubt me and the controller will work it out now that he knows I was not trying to do pattern work but only performing a go around.

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