"Go around, fly runway heading"

Very simple feature request.

When giving a go around as Tower, I would like an option to give “go around, fly runway heading”.

Commonly, I notice aircraft turning very quickly to the direction we give with a go around, and this can interfere with traffic, whether departing or arriving. Furthermore, at an airport with, for example, a 3 runway layout, a go-around on the center runway can very easily conflict with a departure on the left or right runway.

I’m not sure if this would be something utilized when there is no radar active. If it is, then it could work similarly to an extend upwind, but instead of a turn crosswind, an enter left/right downwind runway XX is given.

With radar active, the GA aircraft would be handed off to radar as normal and could be vectored back onto an approach without interfering with the flow of departures and/or arrivals.

Couldn’t you just hold the aircraft awaiting departure in position on the L/R runways until the aircraft having to go around poses no obstruction?

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What if they’re already on a takeoff roll? It’s going to create conflict. I really like this idea though, I do see a lot of pilots just doing a immediate 90-degree then to the pattern. Very dangerous and interferes with arrivals as well.


The pilots can always abort the takeoff roll. They’ll just have to firewall the throttles to get back up to speed once it’s clear.

I myself am guilty of this too and would love to see this implemented


Not if they’re past V1! With the distances in speed, a go around aircraft can easily create conflict with an aircraft who rotating

If we ever abort an aircrafts takeoff, we, unless they have plenty of runway left, will have them vacate the runway and taxi back. We will never require an aircraft to use extreme takeoff thrust to takeoff in less than favorable conditions

How about extend upwind?

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I suppose this has to be done really quickly so by the time the go around is ordered they may already be in the path of a departing aircraft before upwind can be communicated.

That would require two commands to be sent. It could also be potentially misleading as if sent on a center runway, for example, the aircraft has been given a left or right traffic that may not align with what the radar controller wants. Furthermore, this would ensure that on handoff aircraft do not turn crosswind in direction given, thinking a frequency change disregards extend upwind. Overall, it alleviates a lot of potential confusion.

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Yes. Great idea.

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To be honest I dont see much use for this

Typically when a Tower Issues a go around its because an arriving aircraft is getting too close to a departing aircraft, so telling them to fly runway heading would be risky because if the aircraft is already rolling, about to take off, and tower tells the arriving aircraft to go around, fly runway heading the plane taking off will just climb up into the other aircraft who is going straight.

In my experience controlling as IFATC, the most common issue for go-arounds are that aircraft that have landed are still on a runway while the other is about to cross the threshold. In this scenario, the fly runway heading would be very useful, and there is no departing traffic off that specific runway. If there is departing traffic in another scenario, the tower can issue a go around and a pattern direction.

Great Request @AsternAviation, I voted for this


If an aircraft is sent around, the departing aircraft on that runway is told to cancel takeoff clearance

Yes that would be nice since it gives more specific instructions when going around

Isn’t easier to just follow the missed approach procedure?

we currently do not have detailed missed approach Procedures in app. to use them, Pilots aswell as ATC would have to be familiar with specific airport charts.


This could also be given with pattern work, say if a controller knows they want to extend an aircraft’s upwind ahead of time.
“N1AD, cleared for the option, after the option, fly runway heading, I’ll call your crosswind.”
“Cleared for the option, you’ll call my crosswind, N1AD”

I think this is a great little addition that should be added to help out ATC, just voted!

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Thanks for your support! Happy birthday.

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