Go Around Festival at San Clemente!

Anyone that travelled into San Clemente on Live some hours ago, you were lucky you landed. As usual, the Southern California region is always piled up, and San Clemente is filled up with arrivals and departures. I personally had to go around due to the 24knot crosswind blowing me off the GPS RNW06 Short Final. I then made right traffic and soon after I had a few aircraft trailing behind me after they went around aswell. Meanwhile Departure was getting filled up, I was cleared to land again and luckily did not have to do a go - around. Taxiing to parking and the crosswinds got even stronger! I saw a few go - around stake place from the ground but whoever made it into San Clemente at this windy time, you are lucky!

Guy got blown off the second time! Luckily he landed safely on the third approach.


Question is why you landed a Wizzair jet on a military island… :P


That is the thing. Never wonder why and how San Clemente is alway filled with commercial jets on IF Servers most of the time.


Because 90% of people don’t care about realism on TS1


Serves you right for being at KNUC. It’s a military airport.


Who knows, in the outside it can look all pretty

inside it could be filled with missiles and tanks.

Well it’s not like he’s the only one doing it, give him some slack, loads of people do it on training server, so why can’t he?

I know loads of people shouldn’t. If they’re not bothered, that’s fine.

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I mean, It’s only training server, and is an ideal route from most other airports.

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I controlled ground at KNUC last weekend. I gave the “hold position” and “give way” instructions just as often as the “taxi to” command. That airport is not laid out for commercial use, for sure.

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Just got done finishing controlling KNUC Tower…1/3 landings were go around. Around 12 knots crosswind. 'Mazing stuff man.

Its not a landing if it a go around.

approaches…I say landing because they landed 3/4 of the runway and went up again.

lmao, i’m still trying to figure out when all of these Airlines started providing service to a military base.


Never happened

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