Go around due to windshear (Cockpit View)

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I found this video of a B737 going around due to windshear. It’s really crazy how things went from calm (well, kind of) to a quick needed reaction. The crew did a very good job reacting to it. However, I found the pilot seemed to be a bit flustered. (Look at when he calls flaps 15 then gear up) He raised the gear himself instead of the first officer. But at the end in such situation, I would expect the pilot to be nervous.

Here’s the video.

Video Credit: Wagner Poltronieri (YouTube)


I agree the captain did seem a bit flustered. I couldn’t understand too much of what they were saying but in my POV it seemed that he got mad at the F/O for not putting the gear up, as he did it himself very aggressively. However, they handled it very well.


I just rewatched it and he never called gear up, so I’m assuming it was just out of nervousness and not anger toward the F/O.

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That’s actually a pretty cool video. Thanks for sharing :)


I’m not sure what their company/aircraft SOP’s are but in a Windshear Go-Around on the 777 (where it shouts Windshear, Windshear with a red warning on the ND) you DO NOT change config!

You apply TOGA thrust, ensure the speedbrake is stowed (windshear is only active below 1500’ agl hence you might be using the brake or have it auto armed) and fly the flight directors. No flap change and certainly no gear change! The reason being that aerodynamically you might need the flaps if the microburst/windshear loses you massive amounts of airspeed. Hence leave it where it is!

The gear is another interesting one. Few people realise quite how much drag the main gear and nose gear doors produce (not sure about the 737 as I’ve never flown it!). Hence our SOP is to leave the gear down as the transient drag might be too much for TOGA power to be able to give you sufficient speed during the event.

Get the warning, apply TOGA thrust, check speed brake, fly through the event (windshear events often have 2 stages, entry and exit). Once you and your colleague have determined that the event is over and stable flight has been resumed, call ‘go-around, flaps XX’, ‘Positive rate’, ‘Gear Up’ and climb away.

Had it a fair few times. Properly handled it is a non event.


Edited to add, just watched the video and it seems that is exactly how it was handled. Nicely done.

The reason the skipper seems to get grumpy is that he was manually flying and probably coming out of the event with TOGA power on (you can hear the hail hitting the windscreen as they pass through). That will cause the jet to accelerate very quickly indeed hence he’s calling for the flap, doesn’t get it, and is probably rapidly approaching flap and gear overspeed! The FO was probably overloaded and not responding. In an overload situation the first sense that goes is hearing!


same in a 737, although there are no main gear doors you do not do any config changes until the windshear alert clears.

Thought that was the case. Never flown the 737 so didn’t want to assume.

What many people don’t understand is that the belly doors on most LH jets are huge and create a massive amount of drag as they cycle!



Thanks both @Yuan_Tugo and @ATK for some insightful professional knowledge on the subject. Is this procedure one of things that are practiced in your 6 monthly Sim checks?

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I would hate to see the outcome if that captain was faced with a real emergency.

Yep, it comes under Time Critical Events and is checked and trained along with events like TCAS RA’s where immediate action is required.

The Captain handled it very well. From what I can see from the video and my experience it is the FO not providing the correct actions that gets him annoyed.

Windshear can be very violent and, sadly in some cases, deadly.


Thanks David. just to clarify I am not a professional so I would want anyone to be confused about my status. I have had several hundred hours in fixed based 737 sims and also flown with real commercial pilots in the sim many times.

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Certainly can see it was a very busy time. 59 mins of boredom and 1 min of pure adrenaline.

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