Go around altitude

is there a minimun atltitude agl that a go around is safe to perform

Sing along

You can always go around


And I think it was that of my flight instructor saying
“You can always go around”

I do not think there is a minimum altitude but i would say 250ft

I’m not too sure on the minimum altitude where a go-around can be executed, every airport is different, but see this tutorial below. I hope it answers your question.


In real life, you can look at approach charts to find out what the ‘minimums’ are for certain approaches. So you can use those if you really want to find out the most accurate ones when landing

In IF a go around can happen unexpectedly at any altitude. Such is the nature of the beast. You never know when someone might roll out on the rwy in front of you.

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i was over a plane on the runway on very short final and i got told to go around. the plane wasnt moving and it was an f-16

Apart from using an approach plate. You can go around up to when the aircraft thrust reverses are activated. - Mentor Aviation.

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Minimum is two inches 😂


Guys this is not the place to tell us that we can always go around. At least not using videos and song lyrics.

Basically, as long as you’re not using it as cover for a Touch and Go when there’s no pattern work any altitude if fine. But if you’re going for realism, have a look at the charts like Joseph said. Basically if you’re unstable at that altitude, that’s about as soon as you probably want to power on and go around.


There is no specific altitude that one should execute a go around. That being said, it is expected of the pilot to anticipate to go around if other aircraft or other external factors pose a hazard to a safe landing.