Go Around After Emergency Fuel Request

Today I was flying LFPG-LPPT when I saw I had only 20 minutes of fuel when communicating with approach. IFATC Panther @Panther who was manning Approach was kind enough to sequence me ahead of the others. I was vectored into the runway and was handed off to Tower. When I got to Tower I warned @ThomasR, he cleared me to land, but at the last second when I had about 1 minute of fuel and was about to flare/retard he told me to go-around. I couldn’t not go-around or I might have been ghosted. I was lucky to land at LPST by gliding at 1500 ft. Is this usual ATC behavior? Because this is the 2nd time I’ve requested emergency fuel, and the first time was at Jersey Island at the FNF and I was immediately #1 for landing by @collin12353. I’m not sure what the procedure is for Emergency Fuel.

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while I don’t know the circumstances of your flight, i can still advise you to plan more fuel on your flight. Normally you should never have to declare a fuel emergency. Take at least 1.5-2 hours reserve fuel and you won’t have those problems :)



When you declare emergency fuel you must remember, you can’t always get priority. ATC try there best to get you first but at busy times like as you said a FNF, that can be challenging. Ultimately it is your fault for for not packing enough fuel. Pack at least 1.5 to 2hrs extra when flying into a busy hub :)

You could message your controller but I don’t see the point is it might not have been there fault :)


Hey there! The controller has been notified and will PM you shortly.

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Hey there ! I do recommend that you plan your flight next time using simbrief . It gives you accurate information like how much fuel you should carry and you can even check prior to reaching a waypoint whether you still have adequate fuel to continue your flight . If you dont then please divert but if you are using simbrief that will unlikely to happen because it calculates your final reserves for you .


I was planning my flight when I miscalculated it as the ETE to Dest. Is inaccurate for me.

Yeah, I’m not aware of the procedures either. Thr only procedure I know is to load on more fuel. You shouldn’t be declaring emergencies every other week :)
I’m sure your ATC who you tagged would be happy to explain the G/A.

Hello! I was the aircraft ahead of you during your inbound and I have to tell you that this is not the ATC´s fault…

Approach did fit you in because of your Emergency and we started with a 7-8nm separation but you reduced it to 3nm!

I had to increase my final speed to try to give more spacing to you… but you definitely can´t be on final with 185-190kts. You just ruin all the hard job approach has done to give you enough spacing for landing.

Sorry that you had to divert but in this case, you cant blame ATC, he didnt even fit a departure between my arrival and yours.

Next time, plan ahead for fueling issues and control your speed on final


Also, I was the controller before your controller, GA is quite common in this airport as some people don’t know what is expedite and don’t cross the runway fast enough… so GA it is!

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Maybe a GA isn’t the happiest thing that will happen to you within IF, but you should be aware that if you are flying the hub, due to the increase of traffic levels, you need to plan your flight and fuel in order properly adapt to these circumstances.

I do not know why you tag publicly the controllers when you can PM them, they are the people that know best what happened to you. Remember that we can help in a general way, but as we do not know what was exactly the situation, we are blind when talking about more specific terms. Just PM the most convenient controller in order to clarifying what happened


Hi, when a pilot declares emergency fuel, we usually try to prioritize them and get them on the ground as soon as possible. I usually try my best to sequence the pilot first or second and at Jersey I was able to do that. Sometimes that’s not possible though. I don’t know the specifics or why you were told to go around by the controller but something that isn’t his fault probably happened such as plane on the runway or you lost separation with the aircraft ahead. He can probably provide a reason in a message.

I didnt even know you could declare emergency
How do you do it?

You can only declare emergency when you’re low on fuel. I am not sure on what the exact values are for low fuel but once you reach that it’ll give you an option in the ATC menu. I do not recommend you try purposefully to get a low fuel into an active IFATC airport as it can increase the stress levels of the controller, especially if it is a hub.

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I was behind you when it happened. I thought that was funny too… If i were you i would have just landed

No I would not do that I was just asking

Um, if you wanna get ghosted, go ahead.


Yeah all good, no worries. Just sometimes people will see that and will try to test it out and get low fuel on purpose but we don’t want that happening.

It also only lets you declare low fuel if you have been flying for a minimum of one hour to prevent people from doing that

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I have sent you a PM. Thanks for reaching out!

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I think the problem is solved now.

  • In order to avoid a fuel emergeny, make sure to pack at least 2 hours of extra fuel.
  • A fuel emergency doesn’t always give you priority or holiness in Infinite Flight.

I also have that sometimes because in the flight I dump fuel, make plane lighter. So doesnt fly straight pitch up when normal flying.