Go around/abort takeoff

As many of you may know in real life when aircraft A is on final 25R and if tower tells aircraft B cleared for takeoff 25R, but B can’t rotate before A crosses the threshold. If B is below 80 Knots or V1 then tower would tell A to go around and B to abort takeoff to avoid the mid air collisions of A climbing from go around and B taking off. Would this procedure be carried out in IF? I know it probably wouldn’t take effect in TS1 but on expert would tower give the cancel takeoff commands?

Yes, I think if I was controlling and I saw this happen I would tell the t/o a/c to abort and the landing a/c to go around.

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Usually I found that when I tell aircraft to go around, the aircraft ahead is already at 160knots so the spacing is okay.
And people taking off usually are at 117% N1 so they get ahead of the go around aircraft.


Now this topic has sparked a question from me:

What if B is already at V1? Would A continue to land even though it passes the threshold?

I wonder, considering there isn’t even a way to communicate with ATC about aborted take off’s, nor a way to tell an aircraft to abort takeoff, @Tyler_Shelton Aborting takeoff commands might be a nice addition to ATC commands

I guess the “cancel takeoff clearance, hold position. Command would work

I guess, but it only says hold position, not exit runway

Then I suppose use the exit runway command?

Yes, on go arounds, since properly executed, take the aircraft over the departure path for the departing aircraft, we cancel takeoff.

Regarding the 80 knots, I can’t purport to know how every controller looks at that, but personally, if it were that close, I wouldn’t have started the takeoff roll in the first place.

Try, but it would take effect when an aircraft is cleared for immediate takeoff but they line up and wait and then start their TO roll

That is extremely annoying as an IFATC when I say Callsign, runway 25R clear for immediate takeoff, and they hold on the runway for 10 seconds, grr

Be like, oh wait!!! I forgot to set my flight plan… what was tower saying about traffic on final??? Time to line up and set my FPL XD

And that is why I watch. I get a hint it isn’t happening, cancelled.

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I swear, if you forget to file your flight plan, just file it in the air

Yup, fly runway heading for a while and set it

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