GMT problem

(Example) GMT is 6:00 pm which is 1800z and New York time is 2:00 pm, and it’s 1400z, so your GMT -4 but on IF it says your GMT +4, why is that, but your really 4 hours behind GMT!

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To add on above, it’ll show this only when your in a non-named time zone

Zulu time is always GMT (for starters)

Can you please show us a screenshot of your problem?

At this time no, I am currently flying. Anyone can spawn in like in the middle of the ocean, fly away from the location, you can see this

Just hit the power button and the home button at the same time to take a screenshot (if you have an iOS device). We don’t know if this is a problem just for you or all of global.

I am aware of that, but I’m over a named time zone, I’m doing the United Island hopper, I’m at Chuuk; and I will send one in if I can get to an unnamed time zone

This isn’t a problem from what I’m seeing. It should be saying GMT +(number of hours) because Chuuk is west of the International Date Line, therefore ahead of GMT (Zulu) time.

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Again I’m in a names time zone, it says “pacific Chuuk” it will only show in an UN-named timezone

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It’s saying it’s behind GMt

Yes, it should, but it says - (Number of hours) GMT

I’ll send a pic when I get to a time zone that is un-named, so you all can see what I’m talking about!😁

Yes it’s not I’m replay mode (sorry, please don’t flag this😂) but I’m around Chuuk, and I’m ahead of GMT time!

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The GMT is relative to the plane’s location. GMT always stays the same obviously but as you travel you cross different time zones which is what shows on that screen.

If I spawn in London it will show the GMT in relation to Zulu time. If I spawn in Dallas it will show That Dallas is -5

I think what he’s saying is the signs are reversed. It actually would show +5 in Dallas.

I think I noticed this in New Zealand once too so I think he might be right.

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Yes, but if you go to an Un-named timezone that is later than GMT, it’ll say +4, even though it’s after that GMT

Thank you. That’s what I mean, you can always see this in the Un-named time zones

Oh I see… Ok will look into it more.

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Thank you. I’ve noticed it for awhile now. Just never asked anyone about this

What timezone are you from IRL @Blake_Stephens?

I’m in EDT