Gmail Account not visible on Account Info

Its been a while the last time I played infinite flight. It was currently login using my android phone and ipad I accidently log out on Ipad and forgot what gmail account I used. :( The last surviving account is still on my android phone with 60hrs flight time and 105000xp where I sometimes play but prefered on Ipad. Can you guys place email address used in Account Info to login Infinite Flight this would be a great help, I just need to know what gmail account I used.


The address is not visible to protect your privacy. It is very common for people to post screen shots like yours here (for different reasons of course) and were the email address visible, it could compromise your account security.
That said, it may not be a bad idea to have it visible somewhere else.
For now you should go through your gmail addresses to try and recover the one you signed up with. You can recover lost email and passwords by contacting the GooglePlus service directly.

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Oh no… Ive created so many Gmail account since last year and its been a year last time I login using that gmail account.

Well I hope there will be some chance gmail address could be visble not the password.

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