Gm2kmike20’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Are you still open or did you close up?

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I’m open now

Closed. I’ll be open soon

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I’m open Now at London Luton

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How was my controlling those that came down

I’ll swing by for a few patterns.

I’ll come and take a look.

Closed at Luton

So after coming to see how thing were, these are the issues that I saw.


  • When I was at the gate there was not need to ask for my intentions.


  • There was no need to tell me to line up and wait. I could have just taken off straight away.

  • Line up and wait is only needed if there is another aircraft still on the runway or if another aircraft is crossing the runway. It can also be use if the is a slower aircraft in front that has just taken off and you need to leave a bit of spacing.


  • You cleared me for take off without a pattern instruction. It’s important and required when clearing someone for take off when they are remaining in the pattern.

  • You never cleared us for the option or landing. That’s why we both did go arounds. You need to clear an aircraft for the option every time they do a touch and go.

  • when more than one aircraft is in the pattern, you need to sequence all aircraft. You also need to do this after ever touch and go.

  • You seem to have gotten your left and right downwind mixed up.


  • When @Nick_Wing was on final, you said he was on left downwind. I’ve left a picture below to show you were aircraft are in the pattern.


Here is a list of tutorials I recommend you watch.

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Hey, I was HB-NRW in the TBM930. Below is my feedback from the session.

Throughout the whole session I noticed quite a few mistakes and some unnecessary commands. Here’s what I noted down during my patterns:


  • As soon as I started to taxi to the runway you asked for my intensions. That wasn’t needed because I hadn’t even reached the runway yet.
  • After I requested takeoff and said that I was remaining in the pattern you sent me the command, “HB-NRW, Runway 26, cleared for immediate takeoff”.
    First of all, immediate takeoff wasn’t necessary because there wasn’t anyone on final in fact there wasn’t even anyone in the airspace, and second, you didn’t give me a pattern instruction. Whenever someone asks for takeoff clearance and they’re reaming in the pattern, you must tell them to make either left or right traffic. It depends on the terrain, location of the terminal etc.


  • When I was on left downwind for runway 26 you suddenly told me to enter a right downwind for the same runway. I’m not quite sure why you gave me that when you could’ve simply told me to enter a left downwind for 26 for which I was already on.
  • Whilst I was transferring over to a right downwind you told me to maintain slowest practical speed. Again, not quite sure why you told me this. When some is flying a pattern, they’re under VFR (Visual Flight Rules) which means they’re responsible for their altitude, speed, separation with other aircraft.
  • During the session I never received clearance for the option or clearance to land. That’s why I went around twice.
  • Sequencing was also something that I didn’t receive. Whenever there’s more than one aircraft in the pattern you must sequence them, so that they they can maintain spacing which one another.
  • Go around was good. You told me to go around and make left traffic for runway 26 which was correct.
  • The exit runway command was also correct but a little late. For GA aircraft I recommend you send it when they’re between 40-50kts on the runway.

Before you open up somewhere else I strongly suggest that you check out some ATC tutorials in #tutorials. They’re simple and understandable and you should be able to improve by no time. Also next time I suggest that you open both ground and tower frequencies. If you’re looking to apply for IFATC then this is a great way to start off.

How do I give a pattern instruction?

Go and give the tutorials a watch. Everything about patterns is shown and explained.

Ok thanks.

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I’m open now at UUEE ground and tower

Closed now I gotta do something

Open at UUEE come down to do some patterns!

Closed as no one came down

I would recommend waiting a bit longer. 17 minutes isn’t that much

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