Gloomy Day at Manchester 16/02/20

Here are some photos from my visit to Manchester (EGCC/MAN), what’s your favourite one?

G-PRPN Dash-8 Q400 BEE9DA/BE478 from Belfast

EC-JFG A320-214 IBS3693/I23693 to Madrid

G-GDFP 737-8Z9 EXS895/LS895 to Antalya

EI-DAO 737-8AS RYR554/FR554 from Dublin

N808AN 787-8 AAL735/AA735 to Philadelphia

OO-SSX A319-111 BEL78U/SN2174 to Brussels

A6-EER A380-861 UAE17/EK17 from Dubai

G-EZAF A319-111 EZY51ZF/U21953 from Geneva


Pretty sure there’s a storm outside atm in England why are you spotting at an airport?

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I live here, I’m pretty sure I can decide whether not to go outside or not by myself :)


So do i that’s why I’m saying that cause I can see what is going on outside my window

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It’s fine where I am :)


Wow, those are awesome! Love that FlyBe Dash-8, and the AA 787 is cool as well. I also like the lighting and angle of the Ryanair 737 photo.

I saved some to my device, hope you don’t mind. I’ll PM you if I ever use the photos in any way.

Speaking of the storm @Gm2kmike20 mentioned, if it gets worse, stay safe! Well, stay safe no matter how bad the weather is.

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Thanks, and use them
If you want :) I don’t mind!

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Very nice pictures mate!

This one is for sure my favorite, I’m an SN fanboy so.

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I was in London a bit ago and the wind and turbulence is crazy. The Emirates A380 and the AA 787 were my favorite pics

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Lovely pictures! Really well done! Thanks for sharing!

My favourite is probably this Jet2 one (or Brussels Airlines or one of the others, though choice!) ;)

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The first one is amazing! Keep up the great work!

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