Globemaster gone? [Resolved: Show Legacy Airplanes needed to be selected on]

The C17 Globemaster is the first aircraft I ever flew in Infinite Flight. It is with great disappointment that I am creating this topic. As I was scrolling through the aircraft list this morning, I made an unfortunate discovery, the Globemaster was gone :( The Globemaster was an absolute delight and challenge to fly. I would like to know if I am the only one with this problem or if anyone else has this issue. Please let me know in the comments :)

It’s now considered Legacy Aircraft. Click Show legacy aircraft to see it ;)


It is still under the Boeing section for me.


Thank you @Levet, let me check.

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You have to check the box next to Show Legacy. If that isn’t selected and highlighted orange you won’t see it ;)

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@anon41771314 was right, I found it when I clicked Legacy Aircraft.


Thanks for the quick assistance @anon41771314