GlobeCast Virtual Alliance: Connecting the Globe


Globe Cast Virtual Alliance:

Connecting the Globe

earth-globe The Alliance:

GlobeCast Virtual Alliance is a fictional alliance, consisting of multiple Virtual Airlines modeled after real-world counterparts that are not members of any alliance. We aim to unite smaller Virtual Airlines to create a strong community that is equally beneficial for all members.

group-profile-users Alliance Members:

GlobeCast consists of several high-quality Virtual Airlines within the Infinite Flight Community. Here are our current members that have made GlobeCast what it is today:

Aegean Virtual Airlines

Aegean Virtual is the only VA operating out of Greece with a large fleet and route system. They aim to make their pilots’ life much easier by providing services like charts for every destination, flight plans, checklists and in-flight announcements!

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Caribbean Virtual Airlines

Caribbean Virtual offers a professional, but fun atmosphere, the opportunity to fly to beautiful destinations across the Caribbean and North America. Increase your skills by specializing in specific aircraft types, and get rewarded for your hard work with their loyalty programme.

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Korean Air Virtual

Korean Air Virtual is the largest airline and flag carrier of South Korea based on fleet size, international destinations, and flights. This allows pilots to fly across the globe with realistic flight experience.

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Northwest Virtual Airlines

Northwest Virtual is all about family and global connection! We want to get to know you as a pilot, as you help us show the community how to “fly the horizon”.

Please note that Northwest will be making their unfortunate departure at the end of the month. We wish them all the best in the future but will make the most of the time we have with them!

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FlySwiss Virtual Airlines

FlySwiss Virtual is an organization run by a passionate team of staff. They fly to all four corners of the globes, through mountains and more. One thing we know is that “Swiss Precision is what they offer!”

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WestSky Virtual Airlines

As a fictional Virtual Airline, WestSky is able to offer a mix of flights from a number of different regional carriers. With WestSky, you truly experience “regional flying on time!”

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businessman Alliance Staff:

By utilizing a unique staff structure, GlobeCast is able to organize staff into 3 divisions, each directed by a president, creating clear divisional responsibility. All staff are managed by the Alliance Director.


plane Codeshares:

Through our Codeshare Program, each pilot is able to experience flights throughout other parts of the world on multiple unique airlines. Each Virtual Airline provides 5 routes and 3 aircraft to the Alliance. See our full codeshare database here.

calendar-page-empty Events:

GlobeCast Virtual Alliance brings all pilots together, whether a member of a GlobeCast Airline or an IFC member, for high-quality events monthly. During these events, pilots are able to fly as a group and make memories, all while exploring new areas of the world.

Our Next Event

A Hop Through Greece - Presented by GlobeCast Virtual Alliance @ LCLK - 221800ZSEP18

contract Apply:

Now that we have shown you all that we have to offer, do you think your Virtual Airline is a good fit for GlobeCast? If so, we would love to have you on board.
Please fill out this form to apply your VA for GCVA today.

comments Contact:

Anything you think we left out? Just need to get in touch? There are multiple ways via multiple platforms that we can chat.


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Our latest event is up!
We are taking you on A Hop Through Greece for our September Event.
For more information, as well as sign-ups, visit the event thread:

See you there!


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