Global's 1 Year Anniversary


I do have a video of it- this is back when a certain Chinese airport had a massive height glitch


It has been a year since the Global update! 1 year anniversary!

Thank you team for this amazing update!

Here are some of my best pics!


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Sweet shots mate! It’s nice to see your best global memories. I like the Nippon Cargo 747-8 Picture


We currently have a fun event in the works for this weekend! Get those IF livery aircraft ready! ✈️


Ahhh, another sweet event that I won’t be able to come on. Sunday morning (AUS time) I’m flying to from Brisbane. But who knows, I might be able to come 🤷‍♂️


Woo woop! 🙌


Happy birthday global


Happy 1 Year Anniversary Infinite Flight Global Update!!! ☝🛫❤🛫☝

This Is A Day Worth Of Remembering Throughout Your Whole Life!
And To The Team Behind This, To Those Who Have Over The Past Year Edited Airports, To Everyone In This Community Contributing Day & Night.

Everyone Involved In One Way Or Another, THANK YOU For Making Infinite Flight What It Is Today, And Keep Striving Forward To A Newer Day ☝

This Is A Very Special Day For All Of Us, Let Us Celebrate It All Together!

Ps. This day has also been very favorable and one to remember forever for me personally in my private life as well. Something amazing just happened today Oct. 11th, and I’d say, what a Masterpiece of a Coincidence it is that it’s the 1 Year Anniversary of Global this particular Day.


Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with this year … Except for the Global Update with A 320 rework. Otherwise, everything was uninteresting for me … My subscription has expired today and I wait until my feelings say, buy again 1 year Globalabo … But I’m optimistic that in 2019 I’ll like … I’m waiting

Furthermore, everyone can have their own opinion and that is my own opinion I ask for any stupid comments … You can think so I think so

nice evening / day


I could remember jumping in my bed and then falling off it where I was so happy for global!And to know you had 5 updates in the period of time it’s just unbelievable!


The time has flown by, literally! Global was an extreme game changer for me. I’m going into my 5th year with Infinite Flight and I’m amazed over how far it’s come!

It honestly didn’t feel that long ago when Laura made the post about the update being shipped the next day. I was so happy, and the moment felt unreal.

The first flight I did (after hours of waiting to actually fly in the app😉) I flew from MYR-PHL wth the Spirit A320 (NKS717), as I do almost twice a year IRL and it was amazing. Climbing up to 33,000 feet then felt so weird. But now I can’t believe how far and high we are able to go.

Once global was released I decided to make a “google my maps” with all the routes I’ve done. At the one year mark today, I’ve siccessfully completed over 1,320 flights, flew in and out of 1,000+ airports, thousands upon thousands of miles, and near a hundred countries!

(Mainland United States)

(Caribbean Islands and Central America)

(Australia and New Zealand)


(The Middle East. Which is where my longest flight ends. Los Angeles-Abu Dhabi~15 hours 28 minutes)

(Southern Europe & Northern Africa)


(50+ Trans-Atlantic Crossings)

The airport I’ve flown the most out of is KPHL, as it is my hometown airport. I can’t wait for the A330 rework, as American operates an extensive international market with that aircraft.

Thanks FDS for the amazing simulator and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!


Wow it’s been a year already? How time flies!! My best memories of global was probably when it was released and everyone got to see the hard work of the developers and testers. The countless hours and the frustration of their device crashing in the middle of the flight until finally it came to fruition.I mean holy moly I was so blown away that day I didn’t even sleep. 😂. Getting to fly from one continent to another in real time was just out of this world. The memories from multiplayer to global just made me realize how far this amazing mobile flight simulator has become. It’s really an awesome app. Thanks FDS for your continuous hard work in getting to where it is today and hoping for more brilliant things to come in the future and to the community for their undying support i think this what makes it the best.

Hoping to see you all out there in the global
Skies of Infinite Flight.