Global's 1 Year Anniversary

Muisc plays! Woah it’s been scutch a amazing year!


Wow that’s funny, you posted that immediately after I watched Star Wars A New Hope😂

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• What have you enjoyed so far this year?
Honestly, the scenery. Finally being able to fly at my home airport is something special, as well as being able to recreate the routes I’ve flown in real life.

• What update did you enjoy the most?
Probably the MD11/DC10 update! The aircraft added were perfect and I really enjoyed flying them. It brought aerial refuelling and a small rework to the fighter jets physics which was very nice to see!

• Why do you love the global update so much?
I can’t really pin down a specific thing. The update itself was incredible, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a mobile device. If I had to say one thing, it would be the freedom to fly wherever in the world I want, when I want. Straight out of my pocket.

Whilst I will admit, I do miss pre global (I actually still have this downloaded) the global update was an outstanding success. Everyone wants more and more, without appreciating what we already have, which I think is stupid and ungrateful.
The developers have made something very special, and it’s captured the last 2 years of my life, and I suspect I speak for everyone in saying that we are extremely grateful for what you have given us.

I feel you there man. It’s a special feeling knowing that you’re helping to test a simulator enjoyed by thousands.


I loved this update the most. It gave me a thrill to fly worldwide and a sureal experience. It also gave me the oppurtunity to join a VA. Of which I still reside in till this day. Cant wait for interstellar travel. What can that bring me? 😂


Sorry but shouldn’t this be in #general as live does not necessarily mean Global.

Happy birthday global And happy half birthday to me 😏


The #live categorie is for discussing things about live, so this topic fits its category perfectly 🙂

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I have created an event to celebrate this amazing moment for Infinite Flight

Go sign up if you haven’t already!

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Thanks for the Info! I was just about to mention this, and was pretty sure someone would make a celebration event. I hope to come, I’ll tell you soon if I can.

It was just last year on October 10. I was doing my homework and preparing for school.

Then, I saw this thread:

Oh, that got me so excited. I updated to the global version the next day and flew my first global flight that night. I flew KSJC-KLAX and let’s just say that the experience was not like my times of flying KONT-KSAN and KSAN-KONT.

I was so addicted with the app that I couldn’t focus on my homework, which meant I had to stay up really late to finish my homework. #ProcrastinationAtItsBest


Happy birthday to all the global people. My own global joining 1st birthday just a few month away!


Man, a year?! Let me say that Global was a revolution in the industry of mobile flight sims. Nothing like it has been seen on a mobile device, and there is nothing to compare. Our community has had its’ ups and downs this past year, but it has all culminated in a community that is mostly caring and appreciative of others’ contributions. I’ve throughly enjoyed flying all over the world from the comfort of my very own home. Even now, my jaw drops when I overfly a beautiful area. It’s like nothing else. FDS have developed a masterpiece over the years. With every new update and development, the first word I utter has two syllables. It’s often overused, but using it in this manner is an understatement.


Congratulations to FDS and IFC on this milestone! Here’s to years more of wonderful flying and sharing our virtual journeys with others. Thank you.


Global made this app that much better I do miss doing flights on live in my spare time I don’t have much time to do many flights anymore but believe me they were fun

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What I have love so far was intercepting planes with my F-22

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IF Global was a revolutionary moment for this game and the community. I can't believe it's been a year and I still can't understand why my first global flight was KLAX-KSFO!! Since then i've become super involved in the community, check my bio for specifics, and I am super happy to be apart of it. I love the long hauls and seeing how much the community has changed in the past year.

Happy birthday Infinite Flight Global!!!


It’s incredible! Yet one year ! I remember how we had to wait until servers was good and how LiveFlight was down until Oct 18. There was too much connections requests than expected :)

It’s a huge milestone and I really think that it was the IF biggest goal ever!

I still appreciate flying everyday Global even a year later !

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@Blu_Games has posted a video of a flight he did in celebration of the 1 Year Anniversary

  • RJTT to VHHH

Happy Birthday Infinite Flight Global I Thank you for making this game the best i love how New Zealand looks great at the planes you have Thanks

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Never change TS1…

Photos from October 2017. I have video of the first month but my internet is slow…

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I love the picture of the F-22 raptor! Would love to see the video one day