Global's 1 Year Anniversary


I’ve played IF for 5 years now, global is still my favourite update :)

One of my favourite things to do right now is drawing, and I have a love of thinking unconventionally, so when I’m not doing long hauls or shuttles in expert, I’m using liveflight and Google earth to draw birds using flightpaths

EDIT: I actually have a number of photos from Global’s first month- and some other goodies.


I was 1. shocked that the scenery around LAX was so different
and 2. as happy as a kid in a candy shop at being able to finally fly from the “socal” region to the “norcal” region


Tomorrow is the 10th not the 11th


Where he lives it could already be the 10th, which would make his current tomorrow the 11th


It’s the 10th in australia nvm. I’m so dumb


Also, my one year subscription already ran out, should’ve the anniversary have already passed?


Well! 7,068 hrs and 4,446,446 XP since the Global update, I think it’s safe to say it’s a crippling addiction for me.


7000 hours since global update?!? There are only 8700 hours in a year…averaging 19 hours a day. Your poor device.


Dude! I almost always have a flight flight going, I am determined to get the number 1 spot. Lol


Yep that is compared to me and many people I presume

Your daily schedule (I’m guessing)😂

  • wake up
  • eat
  • infinite flight
  • eat
  • toilet
  • sleep


Time Fly’s! What a great year it has been for us with global !


I planned my flights based on whether I am working or I am off, gonna do groceries, laundry, sleeping, etc… like I said a crippling addiction!

But really, a massive thank you to all in FDS, you guys are truly amazing, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


I deeply honored being part of the Beta team for Global and finding holes in the code. Although it may never happen again in my lifetime, it was the best experience of my time here in the community while it lasted. Being able to fly while sleeping and the graphics were honestly the best parts of all.


I remember this day very clearly…

I remember finishing school on the 10th, and opening twitter to see that Laura tweeted that global would be released the next day! I was so excited, and relieved to finally be able to try it out. I couldn’t sleep that night; I was so eager to try it out. Waking up 2 hours before I’m used to, I jumped out of bed and sat at my iPad for around an hour and a half, until I saw an announcement that global flight should be reaching our devices in a couple of minutes. I immediately opened my AppStore to find that precious update sitting there…

I updated the app, and jumped straight in; Air New Zealand 787-9 at Auckland. It took forever to load in, and it was the only place I could load into for about 3 days (I’m sure most of you remember). I did my first global flight later that night from Auckland to Sydney (was originally supposed to be from LAX to JFK, but it wouldn’t load in for me.) on an ANZ a320. Everything was beautiful, the sky, textures, plane graphics, engine startup; everything. I still remember being so excited to finally have a reason to be at 35,000 ft. (No reason to be that high in the old regions). Monitored the flight the whole time, and I remember descending into the coast. It was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in that simulator, and I still cherish that approach.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just so happy that the simulator is at its current position right now 🙂


I totally agree with you, although I didn’t get my first taste of global until a couple weeks after. Since I was busy with schoolwork

  1. I love having vast areas to fly and being able to do it in real-time.
  2. I love all the new updates, planes, events and realism that has been put into the app over the past year


Well I have been since the Global started and I can tell you for sure that I loved the first version, of course it does not compare with today’s progress but it made me spend so many happy moments: ')


Thank you for the the reminder, never forgot the month but want sure which day because I had not updated it or known about global until the end of the month. Best simulator I have ever seen in my life and this company, namely, Flight Development Studios, is a very ambitious and hard working company. I honestly feel honored just to be a subscriber and community member. I am glad to see that others feel the same.


Oh, it’s been great and all… (#bringbackfancywater)

  • What have you enjoyed so far this year?
    Flying long haul
  • What update did you enjoy most?
    All of it…
  • Why do you love the Global update so much?
    Flying globally opens the flying routes by 100000000000% you can literally fly anywhere, LIVE!