Global's 1 Year Anniversary


Happy Anniversary Global!

October the 11th is the date of the Infinite Flight Global update 1 Year Anniversary!

  • What have you enjoyed so far this year?
  • What update did you enjoy most?
  • Why do you love the Global update so much?

Please feel free to discuss with your fellow community members about this 1 Year Anniversary as it it a joyous occasion, and everything you have loved about the past year!

Please refrain from arguing ;)

  1. So far I’ve enjoyed flying across the globe along with other fellow pilots and many of you guys here on IFC.

  2. All Updates, every new update is step forward that brings new amazing content.

  3. Why I Love Global? Huh, well I get to fly around the whole world, fly to everywhere and anywhere whenever I want, where ever I want ✈️


First of all, I have only been here since May. (I know, I missed out on a lot)

Second of all, wow! Infinite Flight has come quite a long way, from the Space Shuttle to the CRJ family and TBM 930. FDS, you are amazing, you keep throwing amazing updates at us!


Wow, what a year it has been! This was definitely the biggest year in Infinite Flight history, and my first year on the community as well. I have came a long way, and the game has come double as far as I have. Everything this year was absolutely amazing. Things in the real world haven’t been great, but flying on Infinite Flight has made up for everything squared. My favorite update was definitely the updates where the CRJ planes rolled out. They added other good additions with a great plane that was very much needed and also made beautifully. I love global because of the freedom it brings. I wasn’t playing IF before global, but I can tell that the game was taken a lot less seriously back then. You really couldn’t fly far, so you just pretended you were flying somewhere else and hopped 50 miles in one direction. So that’s the shortest way I could sum up this amazing year in Infinite Flight. What an amazing game with an amazing update. Can’t believe it’s been a year already, and here’s to many more!


Well you sure have been around some great updates. I didn’t know you only started flying May. Thanks for commenting guys!

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You mean flying? Lol

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This year has been my most favourite year with Infinite Flight, as I’m sure it is for many people. The update I have enjoyed the most in the past year apart from Global has been the TBM update. Not because the TBM is the most recent addition to Infinite Flight, but because my love for GA aircraft.


Well, the global update was just amazing, 2 years was worth the wait. I also joined IFC only a month before the update. But my 2nd alltime favorite update was the CRJ update, it’s one of my favorite aircraft.


I planned my subscription almost perfect. I bought the $50 1-year sub 4 days before global’s release. Just updated for another year…still worth it!


Same here. I bought my 1 year sub just before global, I’m sure many did 😂

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I celebrate for IF, but i’ve cancelled my subscription today.

I have my own reasons (not about prices) and i won’t share. I hope something can be changed in time…


A year already?! Dang. It feels like we just got it yesterday…


I will share my global story with you guys ;).

There I was that fine Tuesday evening, just me and my homework and some math problems that I’ve never seen before. I was only on problem 3. and nothing was looking good I was seeing 3x and 5, I don’t remember what I was thinking anyway but I was staring right at those math problems getting ready to ungraciously fail 7th grade math when off in the distance I heard a voice, I think it was that of laura saying “update has been approved!” cue music

In all honesty though global revolutionized IF forever. 1 1/2 years of waiting payed off. IF no longer felt like a run off the mill mobile airplane game, it became a full fledged flight sim. Kudos FDS!


Only a year?

It feels like ages since I was last flying KLAX-KNUC. Very glad to be here in this constantly changing community.


Sounds just like the song: You can always Go Around.


It’s been a year already? I forgot when global came out, what an amazing update to this day!


I’ve enjoyed becoming more immersed in the community. I helped to found Tailwinds Flying Club, became a Regular, hosted the first DC-10/MD-11 event, and overall have really enjoyed my time here. My favorite update so far is the CRJ update. It really got me into doing long hauls to smaller destinations. My favorite thing about global is the freedom to fly wherever, whenever, in whatever. Carry on FDS!


Wow! One year! Infinite Flight has come a long way!

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That’s weird, you still do it in the A380 (Emirates Livery of course) all the time, with a callsign ending in Flight of 10

I’ll never forget that feeling of starting a flight in one of the “regions”, setting a flight plan and LEAVING that region for the first time.

Its pretty amazing what FDS has put together, and I only see it getting better over the next year.