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You guys are just amazing!!!

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What you have proposed on your website looks very interesting…but still highly unrealistic in that you have not matched the proper aircraft in at least several instances to the reality of the route…for example …You cannot use an A320 series or 737 series for flights from JFK or LAX to intercontinental destinations. …without a refueling option…they were not designed for long distances …such as the 747, 777 and A380 were among others…so unless the eventual release of global flight intends to mirror the real world and abandon the infinite fuel aspect…then IMHO…your plotting of many of these routes …needs to be properly revised to reflect more authentic feasibility…


Amazing job! However, to make the routes more organized, you should have Search Filters in each category so users can search for specific routes, instead of them all being in a list.

Hmm what if some of these airports are not edited yet?


I see an issue here. I can just google what the flight number is, I have to google at some point anyway to find out the ICAO of the airport as I don’t know them all.

But a great list of some suggestions.

I love this website! Most of the routes are exactly like they are in real life! I’ve submitted so many routes, a couple of them during school hours. 😂

You do all realise this site is just an incomplete, inaccurate, outdated version of the actual FlightAware website & app?

Flightaware is uses real world schedules, that is updated to the minute. It displays the route, gates, aircraft, filed flight plan, altitude etc. you can simple search by departure airport or route etc, and then view and copy the EXACT filed departure SID, on-route waypoints, and arrival STAR. it actually displays the exact waypoints.


@Recxx, all routes on are real world routes operated by the airlines abd aircraft listed. The flight number and aircraft have been checked many times using accurate and reliable travel sites (Including, travelocity, Google Flights and the airline’s own website). All routes are accurate and up to date. Please don’t send incorrect and worthless messages and don’t spam the topic. If this continues, I will take further action.
Thank you for your attention

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Hi. That is a good idea. But sadly, webnode doesn’t have a search feature available for its websites. And neither a filter feature. I can’t implement the feature unless I move it to another site maker that will take months abd would be very painful.
Thanks for the idea

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The website has been updated as a few routes have been added and renamed

Thanks @Qatar_airways

In case you missed the link to the Google Earth post where you can see ALL the airports which are currently redesigned in IF. You can click on the airport to see the airlines which fly from that airport. This may help you in formulating a flight route


Yes, but problems happened. The update is cancelled now.

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LOL…agreed…why would you post something that will tarnish your image…good one

Hey nice idea ! I almost post 3, hope they are accepted :p
You may have to class them by country and region of world i think, since the disorder could take place for flight road

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Yes we are @nicochile2

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Just upon first glance of the intercontinental routes page, I think it would be best if the routes were separated by airline first and then all other categories. Also I would add a search engine for the site that people can use to look up the different routes and see which airlines fly them with which aircraft, using which callsign, etc. I absolutely love the concept, however there is tons of room for improvement when it comes to organization.

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As previously said, we can’t add a search engine

I apologize for not scrolling down. I simply took a look at the site and then provided my thoughts.

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