I hope the devs will change from opengl 3.0 to open gl 2.0 my device is 2.0 and i hope global will come soon on my device !

I’m sure the will in the future but, was there any need to make a topic about this…?


They will not. It is virtually impossible and they already did a great job making it possible on mobile devices.
If anything they’ll raise the amount.
They would have to lower the quality wich isn’t good. Technology evolves and the simulator too. So like me the only thing to do is get a new device…
If anything they probably will try to keep it as low as possible for the most time as possible.
It’s like if you were requesting a computer sim, but in a tablet. Just won’t/ can’t happen…


I don’t think they will. It’s better off you getting a newer device as OpenGL2.0 is for older devices.

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Open GL 3.0 is a requirement now. I don’t see it being backwards compatible without making additional versions. If it happens great.