Global won’t load

Guys, global isn’t working. The waiting screen is taking forever!


Global requires a constant WiFi connection to stream.

Same thing happening to me

Same! I have an iPhone 6 IOS: 11 and I have great wifi

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Loading may take a various amount of time depending on server load and your internet connection. As you can imagine, the load is very high right now. Please be patient!


Me too. I have wifi but it doesn’t work

The loading takes about twice the time as previously.

I have the same issue - iPhone 6S Plus. Restarted the device twice, switched servers, even tried on Solo. The Wifi is fine.


Same here. I just wanna play it :(

Please be patient. The servers are under tremendous load with everyone trying to log in at once.


I am getting the same thing. I am unable to connect to WiFi (no WIFI here) and it’s hanging on the load screen. Restarted device, un-installed and installed, etc.

I’ll give it a few hours. I can imagine the servers are screaming in pain right now


Same here… loading for 3-4 minutes.

Same problem also I try offline mode but it doesnt work.

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You need to have a strong internet connection for global.

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I have the strongest internet available in the Netherlands and it doesn’t want to load.

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I know how long it takes to load (rolling my eyes…). It’s not wi-fi issue.

Guys, please listen to what Seb said. They are new servers that are under a tremendous load, they will probably need a little time. Do make sure that you have a strong connection though, that will help.

Be patient, it’ll be worth it! :)


Is it safe to load up a flight on my 4G data?

Really man! It want even directed at you.


I am on fibre 1Gbps with ipad Pro 10.5. Waited on the loading screen for 3mins, still waiting patiently. :)

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