Global won’t load

It’s been 30 Minutes …

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It’s - requires a subscription, but it’s worthy.

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Live Flight App

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Doing this is not going to solve the problem. The devs are on it. Be patient.


Try to load in a lower quality area like Singapore. i managed to load after waiting for 3 mins of loading. You can also see how much data is being downloaded on the top left if you enable it in your settings.


ive got the cpu thing on and it says 0 kb/s whils im trying to load singapore, is that bad?

Yeap, guess the servers are at full load now.

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ah. i guess everyone (including me) went and downloaded manually:)

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You can disable the performance metrics safely - those were left in there by mistake (the 0 kb/s isn’t related to network speed)


How long did that take?

oh ok thanks cameron, btw I SO BADLY WANT TO SEE PALMA ;(

at least it says 60 fps

Mine is taking forever to load.

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in the top left as in “16.62 ms”?

Took me 3 mins to load the game.

I’ve been waiting for 5 mins on solo