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Welcome to the new Global Virtual thread! Founded in October of 2019, we are like “The New Kids on The Block.” I’d like to give a huge thank you to our entire staff team for doing everything from moderating our forum, to planning our first events. These first few months where amazing, and we strive to make it even better in the new year.

@Infinite_Flight_Sims - Founder/CEO of Global Virtual

We are all people, and all love aviation. Everyone deserves to be treated equally.

Global Virtual Organizations is focused on our slogan: “The Sky Has no Limit.” Here at Global Virtual, we don’t think the sky’s the limit, in fact, there is no limit. We’re hoping to make mobile simulation great and respected again. Saying that we CAN compete with PC simulation. Are you a new pilot? Are you an experienced pilot? If you are any of those, this is the perfect virtual organization for you! This is the VO where pilots learn with other pilots. You’ll be able to learn anything from using ATC to making a good landing here with us.

There are virtually zero requirements for becoming a pilot with us. You could be brand new to Infinite Flight, and learn here with the wonderful community we have! As there is a training side to this VO, there is also a highly professional side to it. We will have highly professional and realistic events on the Expert Server; executing real world procedures.

Global Virtual Fun Facts:

…We have over 40,000 destinations
…We have 61 aircraft in our fleet

Below, you will find our staff team, who work hardly to keep this the best VO in Infinite Flight!

Upscale Staff Team
Secondary Staff Team

Global Virtual does not have many requirements. Why? We would like to be a nice and friendly place for new comers to join. We will not let that sacrifice professionalism though.

The Requirements

  • Must be 13 Years of Age
  • Must Score at Least 75% Correct on The Written Test
  • Must Have Access to Slack
  • Must Have a Valid/Legal Infinite Flight Pro Subscription


Us at GOVO try to make recruitment as simple and straight forward as possible. Here’s a brief overview of the recruitment process:

  • Within 48 hours of submission, your application is reviewed. If you meet all the requirements, the process goes on. If you fail to meet them, the process ends here.
  • Next you get a confirmation PM from the @Global_Virtual account. This is not the approval PM, it’s only to tell you you’ve meet the requirements.
  • A while after the new recruit receives that PM, they’ll receive a 2nd PM containing: A link to join our Slack, a link to join our Forum, your GOVO callsign, and more important information.
  • Once you join our Slack, you’ll have a DM from greetbot and Slackbot along with a message in general. Read though all of these messages very carefully. After joining our forum, read our ToS, Suspension Guidelines, and

We have pilots from all over the world. What is the best communication form for this? Slack. We use Slack to communicate everything from simple questions, to support. Other from Slack, we have our own forum! We will use the forum for communicating and starting possibly long threads, while Slack is more for chatting. You will get a link in your email for our slack and forum to join once you become a pilot. We always keep close eye from any Infinite Flight news to share.

Social Media

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Global Virtual has no affiliation to any real world airlines or companies.


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Nice thread!

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nice thread guys!

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@anon41771314 @DimitriB Thank You!

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So glad to be HR Manager (and co-founder) of this VO! It’s an amazing VO!


And I’m very grateful that you’re a part of it :)

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Wait, you guys have a Discourse forum?

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Beautiful thread

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We do have a forum, but it’s powered by flarum, not discourse.

Thank You!

As the CEO and founder of Global Virtual, I ensure that stride for the future. In some cases you might have to close a door to open a new one. Personally, I’d like to become a staff member at another VA or VO, and as you know, you can’t if you are a CEO. I’ve asked the staff team, and no one wanted to take my place. After around half a year of operations, I’d like to announce that Global Virtual will be closing effective immediately. By closing this VO, it will give me, and my staff team possibilities that we could not have before. Not much else needs to be said as of right now. Global Virtual is closing, for the better.

Stay Safe,
GOVO’s CEO/Founder, Infinite_Flight_Sims